Wine Bloggers & Readers - I need your help (10 minutes)!

Do wine blogs matter? You be the judge. I’m a doctoral candidate researching wine blogs as an information source. Please take my survey at" onclick=";return false; (incentive offered). Thank you!!

Berserkers, just fyi, Tracy was kind enough to ask me permission to post this prior to doing so, and I happily agreed.

I know we have some bloggers on here, and those who both read blogs faithfully or play pseudo-blogger here on the forum. Please feel free to help her out.

If you help him then the terrorists have already won!

The Faux Hawk puts the product in his hair…

Its good to have hair.

And I took the survey.

I have hair…just not on my head.

And I also took the survey.

And, Pepsi still sucks.

And doesn’t inhale it.

Survey DONE.

Thanks, Todd, for the support! AND - you all are awesome!!

Survey completed. Please report back with your findings, Tracy. This is a topic that is discussed here.

And how about some of you turn your typing skills (since none of us apparently work) into helping Tracy out?

I’ll be sure to give you feedback…and I think I’ll hang around anyway - ya’ll crack me up. Of course, I’ll never get this dissertation written - but I don’t think I really want a job anyway. Kidding!

Just think! If you don’t get a job, then you can hang around the rest of us who apparently don’t have jobs! You can see we get into very serious conversation and always stay on topic…

Oh, and:

SUCKS. [diablo.gif]

Update: Of the respondents that have gone to the survey, 50% have started it and 30% of those have completed it. Any encouragement you could give toward completing the survey would be grand.
And - are we having Cola Wars???

Tracy, not really a war…Coke won many years ago and Todd Michael is unwilling to accept the terms of surrender.

Tracy - I received a phone call mid-way in, and the call went long, so I couldn’t finish. Not sure about the other slackers, though.

A point of clarification, however…by ‘blog’, do you mean ONLY an actual blog, or a forum like this as well? I visit blogs almost never, but get all kinds of interaction and information from forums like this. I think it is an important distinction because blogs are typically individually-centric, whereas forums are a larger community of people sharing ideas…

So you think Pepsi should stick to potato chips??

I am referring to wine blogs not forums (not that forums aren’t a good thing - they have already proven themselves). You don’t have to be an avid blog reader to participate. All levels of involvement with them are important in the study. I’ve got a few e-mails from people that had to leave for “good” reasons. I’m creating a separate link so you can go back and take it if you will. I’ll get back to you on that.

Todd - here is the new link http://

Well my answers will all change drastically, then, as I rarely view blogs…and was assuming that ‘blogs’ also meant forums, since there is little interaction on blogs (except for that one recently - ooo bah!)