Wine bid for Prum lovers

It’s also quite interesting what happened to Haart’s wines in retail wise. Prädikat wines (especially kabinetts) were easy to buy months after the release from many online retailers in Germany but single vineyard wines wines disappeared almost completely a couple of years ago minus the very basic bottlings like J.J, HaartRiesling & 1000l. I totally understand that demand is way higher than it was even five years ago but I also find it really odd that the single vineyard prädikat wines from say Ohligsberg & Goldtröpfchen are completely gone from all retail channels. Sure you can still buy wines easily from after market dealers but prices are stupid high. I have not seen such things in German wine scene since Keller wines became a thing.

Just a guess but part of the issue is Julian is making much less of those wines to improve the overall quality of the AR bottlings. His overall production of white labels is quite small.

Scarcity is part of the attraction. A grower like Julian Haart wants to achieve higher prices for his wines, and rightfully so. Mosel Riesling has been too cheap. The worry is that the prices become too high for many fans.


I’ve been confused at the apparent disappearance of the single vineyard red labels too. Overnight (or I guess it was over the course of one vintage) they were just gone! I had to double check that I did indeed buy bottles of the 2018 Piesporter Kabinett back in 2020 for about what the JJ and Moselle go for now.

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Prices haven’t jumped like Haart but I have noticed that the Wei-Ku’s are harder to buy in quantity stateside these days. I’m not sure if that has more to do with yield or demand, or what combination of the two. I love those wines so much, so I grab from several sources and double back if I see them sitting on the shelf.

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Ok who here is rawine the winner of the 2019 Ohligsberg Kabinett AR #8 for $690 before VIG.

I will be releasing my 22 Ohligsberg Kabinett very soon for around $35! And I still have some of the 21! Lets talk. :joy:




Where did you eat those Japanese hot dogs paired with Mutter Anna?

Speaking of Ohligsberg has anyone tasted the wurzelecht available only via the kabikiste?

Not from my cellar, however. A friend shared it with a few of us.

I will give you two hints. They have the largest collection of Falkenstein in the U.S. dating back to the 80s and the very talented and beautiful Chef is named Renee.


Yes. It needs a ton of time!

Can’t beat that! That’s a friend I would keep around :grinning:.

Add me to the curious list- especially white labels. Pretty sure there have been no global offers on Wine Searcher Pro. There was one auction lot 3 months ago in Germany. No offers in Scandanavia, no crazy high offers anywhere… then a huge offering on WineBid.

I imagine this thread will work it’s way back to Julian at some point and if so, perhaps he can put a few details here about production, etc. i didnt see anything online.

Yes, seriously impressive and promising wine, but the other two white label 21s were more forward/open (but still need time)

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Hey Luke - Thatcher has had a bunch of recent offers so they are out there.

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Just to clarify. It wasn’t in the Kiste. But sold only in magnum.

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No, it’s in the 2021 Kiste (but not 2022) and it’s a 750ml (Ohligsberg 1925 wurzelecht)

Ah yes. I thought we were talking 22…

Either way I haven’t opened any of them yet.

The 21 Kiste was all Kabi,

Hey Robert- thank you. Yes I did see those. I figured that may have been the start of the retail channel being filled… clearly I was wrong.

I pulled an old Schubi a couple weeks back that was beautiful and sent me looking and probably why I noticed this auction. Buyers should not sleep on the red labels.