Wine bid for Prum lovers

I already placed a few bids on some bottles that I likely have no chance of winning. My plan is to bid on about 10 bottles with the hope to possibly win one :grinning:.

It will be exciting to come back to this thread once the auctions end and see if anyone snagged any of the bottles.

My understanding is its essentially his gold capsule wines. Highest quality fruit / best barrels.

Julian Haart NYC offline if we win :laughing:

I would say Indiana offline if I win any but it may just be me :grinning:

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also, anyone know why julian haart’s wines have basically disappeared? You could find the 2020s anywhere. Now, it’s like a fucking whisper. Haven’t seen the 21/22s for sale at all. I mean for the goldtropchen kabi/spat red labels, not even the unobtainiumwhite labels or the dry wines

Did you reach out to WineBid directly? If so, curious on their response.

So this “Stellar collection” as advertised on WineBid, which includes all the Germans, has a brown looking 1997 d’Yquem. Kind of gives me some pause on provenance. Robert, report back if you find out anything.


Wow, what a glorious collection, and what great prices!

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Yeah, provenance looks awful. Good catch. Definitely shouldn’t bid on these. Totally nasty. What a waste of money…

The Prums were all quite easily available when (late) released.

Is it normal not to show actual photographs with rear labels etc?

it’s a little weird. there is 2018 Prum auction LGKA up for auction in halves, but it seems that it was only sold in 750 and 1.5L

Winebid isn’t real consistent. Usually you get front labels. Sometimes back labels.

They were available on request at half the 75cl price.

Great catch. I will definitely think twice before bidding on anything. It will be interesting if winebid says anything.

I don’t recall 2020s being that easy to find in the U.S. The recent vintages have been small from a yield standpoint, increased global demand so less comes to the U.S. on a percentage basis and Julian has a lot of private clients.

I did. Will report back.

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I don’t buy much d’Yquem but that is our anniversary year and my wife likes sweet wines. Mine aren’t quite that brown but are darker than nearby vintages; I’ve heard that this tends to happen in the warmer years like this.

2020 was the last year where it was possible to buy somewhat easily on the open market if you had a sharp eye on incoming emails.

In Europe.

I’m intrigued by all these bids on Winebid for every single bottle in 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 bottle lots. Perhaps these are ardent wine lovers but I wonder if some retailers are seeing profit opportunities.