I’ll use this thread to post all our Zoom video sessions, each in its own post, with a bit of info on who/what was featured. If you missed any, you can refer back to them here, at any time.

Below is our video session with Thomas Rivers Brown and Will Segui of Rivers-Marie:

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Our video session with Marc Hochar of Chateau Musar:

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Video session with Kevin Harvey and Jeff Brinkman of Rhys (featuring some really cool aerial photography of the vineyards!)

Rhone Roundtable with Paul Gordon of Halcon and Larry Schaffer of Tercero:

Mike and Leah Smith of Myriad Cellars:

Cedric Moussé of Moussé Fils - fantastic session with a tour of the vineyards and town, on an offroad-capable Segway!

Mike Officer of Carlisle Vineyards, now posted!

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Great session with Dominique Moreau of Marie Courtin (we particularly loved the demonstration of vines/leaves/clusters of different grapes)

Wow. Joel Peterson and Morgan Twain Peterson just set the bar SO high on this one! We went on for two hours and I had to hard-stop the event at 2 hours, as it could have gone on much longer. Incredible stories, ridiculous levels of knowledge and history between the father and son duo. Their interchange and the interchanges with Berserkers just made it extra special flirtysmile

Laurent Champs of Vilmart & Cie joined us today, and he’s impossible not to enjoy:

Benoit Dehu treated us to 2 hours of passion about his commitment to biodynamic farming, including using the stones from his land to make his barrel room, and the wood from his own forest to make the barrels!!

Rising young star Mathilde Margaine of A. Margaine, the 5th generation in her family to be working the vineyards

Awesome two-hour session with our friends Katie and Bryan Flannery!!! This one was so much fun, it was like we were all just hanging out…

Really interesting. Learned a lot from this.

Wine Berserkers Zoom Video Session with Bertrand Gautherot of Vouette et Sorbee (for those who also viewed the video documentary highlighting Bertrand and his daughter, Heloise)

Forgot to post one of the most fun videos we’ve done, with Erica and Ken of Walter Scott Wines!!

And with our final video of the ‘season’ (more to resume in Fall), here’s Benoit Marguet of Champagne Marguet

Great news re resumption of these in the fall. Happy to know that is happening and grateful to all who make it so.

Our most recent Sherry tasting feature, moderated by Jorge Henriquez

Here’s the fantastic Q&A session with William Kelley