Wine Berserkers Wine Talk Hall of Fame Thread

Over nearly a decade, these threads below have garnered much attention, tens of thousands of views (each), and provided ridiculously valuable and/or entertaining information for the reader. This is the Hall of Fame for Wine Talk - the very best of the wine-related threads over the past 9 years and counting…
Rudy Kurniawan and Global Wine Auction Fraud

The 16-bottle Chardonnay Blowout Challenge

Another Shitty '07 Oregon Pinot Noir

Caymus 40th Anniversary

Friend of friend wants to land his helicopter at Screaming Eagle

Planning your Visit to Sonoma ‘County’? This might help (thread)

Traditional vs. Modern Barolo / Barbaresco

Northern Rhone Tour: Clusel-Roch, Jamet, Perret, Gonon, Sorrel, Cave de Tain, Clape, Allemand

Premier Cru Master Thread (MERGED)

Traditional vs. Modern Bordeaux?

Consolidated off-the-beaten-path Burgundy TNs

California’s great Old Vine Zinfandel Vineyards

Leslie Sbrocco and collateral damage online

Thoughts on Buying and Consuming Burgundy

Building a subterranean wine cellar/root cellar

Based on the bump of a recent great thread, I’m starting a Hall of Fame thread, pegged here at the top of Wine Talk. Feel free to submit nominations for the Hall of Fame (wine-related threads only), by replying with the thread URL, and if they make ‘the cut’ I’ll put them here in the OP. Those that won’t make it will most likely be those that have too much negativity and attacking, even if the thread has otherwise good value for the reader.

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Oh that was one…

I think Steak Porn is good (although I dislike the title).
The Rudy thread is worthy.
Bob Wood’s Wheat Pennies is good.
I like the “What Are You Listening To” and of course, Mama’s Pecan Pie.

Some threads, such as Premier Cru, may be worthy but should be treated like Pete Rose and banned from the Hall. In fact, there are numerous threads that, to me, are quintessential berserker threads worthy of the Hall but should be banned because of the ill will that appears to have been created. But such threads do give a great insight into the history of this board.
I would prefer not to list them lest they appear to be effectively giving members a nice paper cut and pouring lemon juice on it. I expect long time members know many of these threads.

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The first two which came to mind for me were Rudy & this one:


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Just put up all of Mark B’s and call it good.

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Where is the Wheat Pennies thread?

Just Now at Peet’s…’s#p536616

But there have been many other wheat penny references.

Bob Woods shitty 2007 vintage thread… sponge worthy?

Bob Wood anything.

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Caymus 40th anniversary.

Friend wants to land his helicopter at screaming eagle

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You put the same link on both, but I fixed it in the OP [snort.gif]

don’t deny history!

Damn what about the Open Letter to the WineBerserker community!!!

I miss Tex, I hope he returns one day… [wow.gif]

I have made the decision that too much of my time and effort is focused on things that I cannot and do not have the ability to change. It is affecting my personal life and well being. I need some time away from both venues for now…as much as that pains me to think about. But, unfortunately the past week has revealed to me just how much I am ingrained in all of this. I wish Wineberserkers continued growth and success as well the renewal of vision for the Squires board.

I am biased but Alan Rath’s post on our trip to the N.Rhone is a masterpiece -

For value of information provided, it would be tough to top the work Pat Burton did in categorizing the various Piemonte producers. And he continues to make periodic updates, so this is a great resource for anyone who would like to get started with Nebbiolo.

I’m a big fan of Brian’s ‘Planning your visit to Sonoma County’ thread. It’s given me a wealth of useful info when planning our summer trips.

Who can forget “GaryC328i and the meltdowns?” - you almost have to read it in reverse to understand it.

Honorable mention -

The KFC Buffet is healthy thread.

Ken’s - Which Berserkers do you have on ignore? thread.

5th Annual?? Roughly 100 Berserkers over the past 5 years break bread with the man himself.
Dom makes good pizza.
Berserkers drink good wine.

Where is this thread?

Whenever suggestions are made, it’s helpful to have the URL in the post, as often the same terminology is not used in the post as the thread title, so it can be difficult for me to search…