Wine Barrel Storage & Fire Codes in Your State

Unknown to the winery community here in Connecticut a new fire code was adopted that requires wine barrels to be stored in a facility with automatic sprinkler systems. The International Building Codes(IBC) and International Fire Codes(IFC) typically form the benchmark for state codes. Both the IBC & IFC did implement this stronger safety code in 2022 where distilled spirits and wine stored in barrels and casks must be in an area with sprinkler systems. This was apparently added to the building and fire codes based on distillery fires in mega bourbon barrel storage warehouses in Kentucky & Tennessee. My question to this winery group is whether your state has introduced code requiring barrel storage under sprinkler systems? I can’t think of any winery barrel storage in our state that has sprinklers. It may enforced on those wineries that were permitted after the date of code introduction. Thanks for any feedback or info you might have…Cheers, Gary