Wine bag for offlines


After a few failed attempts a selecting a proper wine bag to carry my wines to offlines, I am wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good bag fullfilling the following criteria:

  1. I usually bring 3 bottles to my offlines (1 red, 1 backup red and a white/champ)

  2. I like burgundy and champagnes (wide bottles)

Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Insulated cooler bag. 3 bottles, twin zalto universal box, ice brick, Durand, cork pop, flask decanter. All in one neat bag. I think I paid $10 for it. Who cares what it looks like it is usually under the table or with the Somm after 5 mins. - 6 mag wine bag- use them all the time $50

Mulholland Brothers makes beautiful leather bags. I have the 2 pack and 4 pack. However they are expensive. You will need the 4 pack which will handle the larger champagne bottles.

Add wheels and a retractable handle and that’s what I’ve got.

We also use single and double bottle neoprene carriers from Built:

Man, those Mulholland Brothers bags are beautiful!

Did a little research, because I love buying stuff, and found these varying options:

Or use bags you might have picked up from a wine or grocery store. I’ve left enough bags at restaurants sot hat I’m not interested in bringing something expensive any more. If it’s to someone’s house, that’s different but a disposable bag is just one less thing to remember later.

Doesn’t our fearless leader have a company selling these types of things?

Wine check - for 12 bottles, marketed for airline travel.

Another thought is to buy a single and a double. Take the double to the offline. In case of a bad bottle I go to my car for the backup.

Another high end bag is Ghurka. They used to make a single which is my favorite. I just checked and it appears they only make a double now. Their leather is top of the line! But $475

The 6 bottle Mulholland’s are great but very expensive. They generally keep the wine a little cooler ( insulation is better ) but the price differential is ridiculous compared to the Picnic. Also champagne and mags are much easier( you can get 1 higher bottle in the Mulholland ) in the Picnic bag. ( no affiliation, just a user of both )

What’s the best place to buy the Mulholland bags?

I saw some of these bags, will probably be my next one:

+1 on these. I have a 4 and 6 bottle carrier. Really like them.

Thank you guys for all the help!

I will look into these options.



My lws carries them