Wine and War: a great book

Just finished this book. It was a quick read. Fascinating journey of the personalities in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne during the Nazi occupation of France.

I totally agree. Gives you a whole new perspective and respect for the various houses and what they went through. Especially those in Alsace - where families literally were split. Highly reccomended read for wine lovers that also enjoy History.

I read this book last year, greatly informative and interesting.

I enjoyed the book as well. As it turns out, in our cave, there is a walled up area with a clear section meant to be a doorway. I’m in the process of figuring a way to tear into it. Should be a fun project.

The Author also wrote a good book called “Champagne: How the World’s Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times”

Very interesting read focusing mainly on World War I and times before that. If you liked Wine & War I suggest it also

A fascinating book - I read it in one sitting when it came out -

I agree, it was a fascinating set of stories, and it puts wine in a bit more perspective compared to some of the more technical books.

I agree with everyone. Great book. Will have to check out the second book.

I’ll pile on. A really great and interesting book. One thing that really hit home to me is how important wine is to french culture compared to America

My two favorite bits of that book:

The Nazis march into Paris in 1940 and the restaurants start hiding all of their wine and they are selling 12 year old Burgs and nearly 20 year old Bordeaux not as rarities but as normal offerings.

Huet is complaining that the Nazis made him put kerosine in every 10th barrel of wine to insure that he would distill it into alcohol for tank fuel. He laments “Some of those barrels were over a hundred years old and you know that, the older the barrel, the better the wine…” and he makes WHITE wine!!!

How this has not been made into a movie or even a miniseries on AMC is amazing to me.

both wine and war and the champagne book are great reads. so many great anectdotes of courage and resistance that i found powerful.

Just downloaded Champagne book. Thanks for the suggestion.

I read the book and then loaned it to a friend. My friend lost the book. I bought another copy to keep in the house…excellent read!!!

Also very much enjoyed it. I’ll definitely read the Champagne book. Thanks for the recommendation!

Will pile on…great read. Completely changed my view of French wine too.

“Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!” ~ Winston Churchill, WWI

Great book

Enjoyed them both, particularly the Champagne book…

I was just on vacation and holding the book “The Judgement of Paris” when a complete stranger came up to me and said that I should read “Wine and War” since I like wine books. I’ll order it tonight…thanks

The book was great. I will seek the Champagne book out now.