Wine Aerators

Has anyone been using any of the wine aerators that are popping up more and more?

The past couple of weeks my girlfriend and I have been experimenting with the Soiree (Safe for work, i know this sounds bad!)" onclick=";return false;

It definitely softens the mouthfeel and makes it seem more plush.

I have also used the Vinturi which softened up a brutal Diamond Mountain Cab" onclick=";return false;

I don’t have much more experience than that, but I have heard that they use them at some tasting rooms and some sales reps carry them around with them.

I do believe that they make a difference, but I’m not always sure the difference is better. Last night it opened up a Newton Le Puzzle rather well, but the Corison didn’t benefit. It changed, but wasn’t better.

It seems to sort of uniformly make the wines more rich, again that can be good or bad depending on personal taste.

Anyone play around with these?

I think the Vinturi is the standard right now. It works well, nice presentation and is sturdy.

I’ve used this before, liked the results and it’s fun to use, but extremely fragile (broke on first use)." onclick=";return false;

I found the wine soiree very awkward to use. Venturi helps with some really tight wines, but seems fragile. Mine cracked at the air hole very quickly.

I laughed when I saw the Venturi and posted in SH “over there” about it. Several people whose opinions I respect told me it actually worked. I was shocked.

In all fairness Bob, do you have any experience with them?

I sell them. They were a hot item over the holidays especially since Oprah endorsed the Vinturi, but I must admit my skepticism as well.

I have no hands on with any of these products.

but the Ring of Oden, that’s another story.

I find it opens up my '05 Pinot Noir (which is as tight as a well-tuned drum) quite nicely. I’d still recommend decanting over using a cheater, but I’ve used it in the tasting room to show customers how the wine will evolve with some air. Perhaps Mr. Wood would care to comment since I pressured him into trying it. [berserker.gif] :smiley:

By the way, he doesn’t like my '05. I’ll be the first to say it so he doesn’t feel any pressure not to comment. Not to speak for him (but here I go anyway) he did allow as to how the Vinturi made a difference. But maybe it brought out the elements he didn’t find as attractive in the wine?

Here’s another vote for:
Vinturi works, BUT:

  1. it’s fragile (mine cracked near air-hole, like Randy’s)
  2. it’s no substitute for decanting

No, with one exception. The whole idea just seemed so inherently ridiculous at the time, which is why I laughed.

Until I read this post I’d forgotten that experience Jacki, and it actually made the wine more appealing. Just to be fair since Jacki’s so tolerant of the fact I don’t care for that wine, it’s a function of who made it - and that’s not Jacki nor is it her husband. She actually anticipated I might not be thrilled with it.

The July/Aug issue of Cooks Illustrated tested several…a mini-review on the last page of the issue…Their best of the five (unnamed in the article but named in the on-line version…including the Vinturi) was the NUANCE WINE FINER for $40. It looks like a cigarette holder, per the article (and picture).

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Here’s a link:

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Tolerant hell, I’m supportive! Life’s too short to spend with wine you don’t love!

I’ve used the Verso Vino individual bottle decanter a couple of times when pouring at large tasting events. It works really well and is a definite conversation piece." onclick=";return false;.

For you stoners, it reminds me of a certain useful implement…

The Vinturi looks like a female sex toy to me. [diablo.gif]

That being said they do seem to aerate the wines pretty well though I have no plans on buying one or even using them when available. I prefer to watch the wine evolve itself or decant ahead of time the old fashioned way. It’s part of the enjoyment and geekiness for me. Call me a partial romantic. [whistle2.gif]

I recommend a little experiment : Pour a wine straight into a glass and another pour through the aerator. Taste side-by-side. Allow both glasses to sit for 30min and re-taste both. I find that the wines taste identical then.

I think the aerator does not make any chemical change, but simply dissolves air into the wine which lightens it, aids in release of aromatics, etc. Not unlike when you slurp to taste. The Vinturi even makes the same sound! With a short period of time, the effect passes.

Of course, slurping at the dinner table is oft frowned-upon, so aerating might not be a bad idea.


We were given a Vinturi as a gift at the beginning of the year. We have used it successfully on wines that were closed on initial pouring and on wines that were chosen with not enough time to decant successfully. Sometimes we pour through the Vinturi into a decanter and then from the decanter back into the bottle through the Vinturi. Using the Vinturi definitely renders the wine more open.

Thanks for the link. I actually remember these bong-like ones from a tasting event I went to a year ago.

It’s interesting to think about comparing a glass of wine vs a glass that had been airated after 30 min. I’ll have to try that.

I’m also shocked to hear how fragile the Vinturi is. I am scared using the Soiree because it seems so delicate. i figured the Vinturi was indestructable

After a recommendation from a very knowledgable wine buddy, he turned me onto the wine finer. I just got it today and will start playing with it an doing side by side comparisons and will report back anything positive or negative that I experience.

At dinner on Saturday I’m going to bring the ‘Rabbit Aerating pourer’ which my brother-in-law gave me. I thought it would be fun to do some blind side-by-side tastings (by blind I mean somone else pours to glasses and we have to guess which one was poured through the aerator.) Thoughts?

Here is a link to a picture…" onclick=";return false;

I did this to Serge at a dinner with Caymus SS 97. He became an instant believer.

I would use aerators on young wines only that are tannic in nature.