Wine Advocate Scores are out for August Issue #220

Some Highlights:

Hundred Acre:

Arc: 100
Few: 100
Kayli: 99


NOK #6: 98-100
Patine S: 98
Patine G: 97


'12 Bone Rock: 99
'13 JBV Prop Red: 98-100
'13 Bone Rock: 98-100

What? No 101 or 102 scores? [snort.gif]

Those are for the Kapcsandy GV !!

What is a Parker score? Is that the equivalent of a phrenology exam?

Did Parker or Jeb review the Saxum and SQN?

A better title would probably be “Wine Advocate Scores are out…” Jeb did the reviews of SQN/Saxum.


Although Parker did rate the Hundred Acre.

Is all the hype on Schrader transferrable to the scores?

I think he might have misspelled Parkour? It’s gotten very popular in recent years.

God bless WA

Have they gotten up to the 2010 German vintage yet?

Parker also started reviewing cars this month. His first auto review for Consumer Reports was the Tesla P85D…


Was that in 100 Points? The luxury and lifestyle magazine he puts out?