Williams Selyem Beckstoffer Georges III

Anybody buying? $195 / bottle.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our third vintage from Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III. This vineyard was one of the original Beaulieu Vineyard sites and a key component to the Georges de Latour bottling—a benchmark Cabernet for many years under André Tchelistcheff, who is often referred to as America’s most influential post-Prohibition winemaker. Located in the Rutherford Bench adjacent to the Silverado Trail in Napa, the site features well-drained river gravel soils and allows for a long, slow ripening process.

Quantities of this vintage of the Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III Cabernet Sauvignon are very limited and are not being offered to our entire mailing list. If you are not interested in this or future offerings of Cabernet Sauvignon please let us know and we will make a note on your account.

2018 Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III Cabernet Sauvignon ($195)
“The 2018 Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III is a classically styled Cabernet from the historic Rutherford property. Fresh currants with highlights of red fruit abound in this fresh and fragrant wine. Undertones of mountain blueberry further add depth to the wonderful aromatics. The palate is saturated with fruit extracts while the tannins are elegantly layered into the architecture. On the palate, earthy undertones along with anise and crushed rocks complete the profile. Taking a page out of our Pinot Noir playbook, this wine was crafted in dairy tanks using foot treading, etc. This is a profound, elegant wine showing that site specificity can be achieved.” - VP & Director of Winemaking Jeff Mangahas

Again, quantities of this offering are very limited and, as usual, are available on a first come, first served basis. Depending on weather conditions along the travel route and in your immediate area, your order may need to be held and shipped in October/November (during the same timeframe as Fall 2021 release orders) when temperatures are more conducive to safe shipping. If you prefer to pick up, please contact us to make an appointment. Unfortunately, we will not be able to combine Cabernet orders with fall release orders.

Thinking about 1 bottle just to see how they handle the fruit - sort of a ‘science experiment.’
My all-in cost is about $225, which is an amount that bumps its head against any made-up ceiling I sometimes try to apply to my wine purchases.
So I think I will pass on this.
My sense is that WS will sell out of this wine fairly quickly.

I enjoyed their previous cabernet.

I am saving up for the William & Mary release, so this is difficult.

Burt must be turning over in his grave at the sacrilege here.

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I look forward to your tasting note! [cheers.gif]

Good one Anton. I think I’ll just continue notes for the 97`s and older. [cheers.gif]

Crap, I just tasted this last weekend and don’t remember anything about it.

It was about bottle #15 after a champagne tasting.

Shit happens.

I have great respect for Jeff and there is no questioning the terroir. I’m not in the market at this point for more bling cab, but I bet this wine, especially from the 2018 vintage, is a stunner.

Tasted this at the winery. Cabernet, especially $60+ cabernet, is not my thing. It tasted pretty luscious but don’t cab guys like to age these 10+ years to soften the tannis? Not too sure there’s enough tannis for your typical tannis softening workout regime.

I have the 2017 and have ordered the 2018. Jeff and Mark have described it as red fruited and a Cabernet made by Pinot lovers with lower extraction and thus, ready for drinking sooner if desired. Looking forward to trying it. They are also going to release a Missouri Hopper Cab next year and a To Kalon Cab in 2023.

I was able to try all the 19s from tank with Will a couple weeks ago. They were phenomenal. I’m also saving up…

No it’s not, I’ve had the WS GIII, the William and Mary blows its doors.