Willamette Valley restaurant recommendations

My wife and I will be visiting 12/8-12/12. We have our winery visits planned but haven’t put much thought into dining. We’re staying in McMinnville. Any tips?

The Painted Lady in Newberg is a must if you like tasting menu type places.

Red hills market in Dundee for casual lunch. Great dinner at Red Hills Kitchen in McMinnville.

I would absolutely recommend:

Pizzeria Capo
Earth & Sea

Heard good things about Thistle but we ended up not going so no first-hand experience. Pura Vida has great food too.

Thanks! Just booked at Painted Lady :slight_smile:

eat at Pizza Capo, walk over to Hi-Fi and drink. Rinse and repeat

Bistro Maison is pretty old school, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it for some classic French in the valley.

Earth and Sea in Carlton
Recipe in Newberg
Thistle in McMinnville is solid but not sure they are fully open.

The Joel Palmer House in Dayton if you are a mushroom lover.

I loved eating at Pura Vida; it’s very clean, and a nice change of pace

Seconding, though the food is very heavy

+1 Joel Palmer. They are doing a renovation but are still open. Rosmarino Osteria Italiana in Newberg is an amazing Italian place. Look at reviews. Tasting menu except Sunday.


We enjoyed Earth & Sea and the Joel Palmer House when we visited back in June.

We haven’t dined out much since the pandemic hit, but Pizza Capo is excellent. We had a private dinner at Red Hills Kitchen, and it was pretty good. Definitely stop by Hi-Fi. They have a great by the glass list, and a world-class bottle list that is reasonably priced. I’ve heard really good things about Earth and Sea, but haven’t been yet.

We like Thistle, Nicks, Pizza Capo, La Rambla. The roof top bar at Hotel Oregon is a fun place in warmer months. Community Plate is our favorite breakfast spot.

Another vote for the Painted Lady.

Thanks friend for the advice, I will take note of it. My name is Karl. For now, I just had the chance to visit the top restaurants in scranton. I can’t wait to make a visit there.

Dos Mundos taco stand in Newberg was perfect for lunch in between winery visits. Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had!

Nick’s in McMinnville is solid and you might have a glass with a local winemaker at their bar in the back.

The back bar is now a side bar.

Earth & Sea was great tonight.

Surprised nobody’s mentioned it yet - Rosemarino in Newberg

I’ve heard good things but haven’t been yet.