Willamette Valley IPNC weekend (7/26-7/28) - Dinner/drinks anyone?

Just an update: I will be visiting 7/25-7/30 and have tasting appointments made, all Berserker favorites. Anybody want to get dinner one of those nights or hang out at HiFi bar one evening?

Will keep you posted but I will likely be in Spain that week.

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I’m always around that weekend. We will likely be pouring at the Passport event on Sunday, and the Tap Room should be open as well.

When are you at the tap room usually? Could always go for a Pilsner or Helles as a palate cleanser :slight_smile:

The Tap Room isn’t open right now (we’re remodeling), but I can meet you there any time. I live half a mile away…

No worries. I’ll be going to the Passport event and can find you, what are you pouring?

I suspect that we’ll be pouring a couple of lagers - that’s pretty much all we brew. I’m sure we’ll be pouring our Pils.

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