Wild garlic – AKA ramsons, or ramps, or bear’s garlic – is ready to pick or buy now. Yesterday I served a wild garlic pesto or a kind of german Chimichurri together with a smoked brisket, heaven.

For more inspirations regarding wild garlic, click here:


50g wild garlic/ramps/ramsons/bear´s garlic

80g pistachios

100g Parmesan

1 bird`s eye chilli

Olive oil

optional: lemon peel



  1. Put everything in a blender or mortar

2. Ready to serve. ENJOY

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We bought fresh ramps yesterday and are making something similar tonight

That is some seriously good looking pesto. We have been scavenging the farmers market for ramps and haven’t seen any yet this spring.

We made ramp pesto and used it on a pizza


P.S. this pesto also works great with fingerling potatoes

FYI that Barlauch is certainly reminiscent of ramps in the US, but they are a bit different.

Interesting. What means different? In Germany and I guess you know Bärlauch from Switzerland has a sublime garlic flavor.

My understanding is that they are not the same plant. But I agree, they taste/smell similar and are both delicious!

We follow a friend’s recipe for “garlic scape pesto” that is delicious on fish, pasta, and crackers. It uses garlic scapes(flower stem), sardo cheese, walnuts, and evoo . The scapes have that slight touch of garlic flavor. Will have to try it with brisket or other smoked meat.