Wild Boar Tenderloin Ideas?

Looking for ideas about how to prepare some wild boar tenderloin I just picked up. Let’s put aside the debate about whether it is truly “wild” (see this thread, for example: Wild Boar - Epicurean Exploits - Food and Recipes - WineBerserkers), and focus on how to make it delicious. Thanks.

Try to do little as possible. Rosemary/garlic/black peppercorns marinade. Arugula salad with shaved Parmigiano or grilled asparagus.

No fat. Sous vide or quick sear & oven finish to desired temp minus 5-10. I might be tempted to do a little quick pan sauce with some smokey bacon while it rests.

This. Pan sauce isn’t even necessary, but I can’t poo-poo any idea that includes bacon! One great thing about wild boar is that it’s one of those rare dishes that screams for a CdP … oooooh, Heaven!! flirtysmile

Shouldn’t one consider how old the beast was. Too old and you might want to braise.

Fine with off dry Riesling.

Don’t let it dry out!!

We have this pretty regularly, the ones we take have access to corn fields so they have a little bit of fat on em, and should be noted that these are at least half feral and half wold boar stock (not sure there’s any true wild boars left with no feral blood) anyway, I use the Charlie Palmer method; render quite a few strips of bacon. Let it cool down enough to work with your hands. Coat your loin in the bacon grease and wrap tight with plastic wrap then let “marinade” as long as you want (I’ve done two days) they will turn white btw. Then I get the grill hot as possible leave one burner on high and grill them as close to it as I can without it flaring up (if that doesn’t make sense pm me) then just make extra sure you don’t overdo them, I coat mine in a little butter while they rest.
If this is your first time and they are truly wild boar, when you trim the silverskin off, you should check that nerve canal thing on the underside, you might have to make a slit there and pull that out, if your getting these from a butcher it won’t be an issue but if they’re from your buddy or whoever I’d check.
Good luck.

Hank’s website is a great resource: http://honest-food.net/wild-game/wild-pig-recipes/

Also, the old Hog Blog might still be available.

The schnitzel idea is a good one.

Thanks for the ideas, people. Sounds like I have a few good options. I may go with Chris’ idea of the pan sear, oven finish, but I will report back when I have made a final decision.

Gave it a quick sear and a few minutes in the oven to an internal temp of 135. Let it rest under some foil while I made a quick shallot and red wine reduction to drizzle on it. Some mixed mushrooms broiled in sake and tamari on the side, along with some wild rice. Turned out pretty well, I thought.

Nice, that’s the temp I would have used. Finished at medium rare?

Yes, just about. Well, the larger tenderloin at medium rare and the small one wound up a little closer to medium. But that seemed to work fine.

That sounds like a wonderful preparation! I probably would have stopped cooking at an internal of 125 - 130 — but, geeez, that’s really picking nits. I wish wild rice was more readily available in the stores around me.

First two sightings of wild boar in my county this summer, I can’t wait to see one when I’m out in the woods this fall.