Why would someone pay $30 wholesale for un aged whisky?

I can buy 12 year old single malt and 20 year old rum for that. I’m sorry you thought it would be a good idea to get into the “moonshine” business with limited capital but you are competing in a global market.

Rant over!

A similar thought enters my mind every time I see a new craft whiskey/gin/vodka that is selling for $30+ a bottle. I can buy stuff with a proven track record for the same price or less.

I guess there are many Americans who are intrigued by these startups and not aware of the general market at large.

The same can be said for wine. Texans love their Texas wine.

Depends, I’ve had both peach and plum eau de vie that was genuine illegal moonshine and suberb. It was $200 per gallon.
For grain moonshine I’d agree that the prices are ridiculous.