Why Robert Weil no longer produces eiswein from Turmberg / Wasseros

I recently saw a Robert Weil Kiedricher Wasseros Riesling Eiswein 1989 on the Internet. It’s my first time to see the vineyard ‘Wasseros’ and RW seems to produce no ‘Wasseros’ wines now. On RW’s website, I learned the German Wine Act of 1971 merged the Turmberg into Wasseros. RW managed to re-apply the monopole Turmberg in 2005. Other wineries still produce Wasseros Erste Large wines now.

So 1971 Wasseros included Turmberg. The reason why RW no longer produces Wasseros wines might simply be insufficient Wasseros vines left to make independent Wasseros bottles. Or RW downgrades their remaining Wasseros (they are not that outstanding without Turmberg) to Ortswein level.

Then the question comes: wine-searcher shows that RW’s last vintage for eiswein from that vineyard is 1996. Since then RW hasn’t made ‘Wasseros’ or ‘Turmberg’ Eisweins. Maybe climate change? But Grafenberg still produces eiswein steadily approximately once every 5 years. I wonder the answer and look forward to discussion.

I do not see huge differences in geographical data.