Why is Vatan Clos la Neore so expensive?

I purchased some 2005 vatan clos la neore back in 2008 for $35/btl. Just check Wine Searcher and one merchant selling for $420. Recent releases are all selling for close or more than $200

What is the reason for this price escalation? I’m missing something…

I’m looking back at my own purchases (between 2009 - 2014) and it looks like the escalation accelerated in the 2012-2014 time frame. I’d chalk it up to decreased allocations coming to the states, the amazing 2010 vintage of theirs turned heads and reinforced the narrative that their the best Sauvignon Blanc producer in the world, and the general inflation of wine prices over the past decade (which can be felt in most sectors).

I sold my whole collection 18 months ago and redid my entire kitchen.

same thing with overnoy, or any other hypebeast wine. most honest merchants stopped listing them online and all you will see are the highly curated sellers a la sommpicks or kogod post their wares at highway robbery rates. i bought a bottle of the current release from a small shop that gets an allocation from weygandt and it was in the $60 range.

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tl;dr == Usurers control the world economy, and have walled off their money supply from the rest of the population [ergo no velocity of money].

Usury doesn’t work unless prices are at worst constant, and preferably inflating.

Because the usurers’ money supply is walled off from the rest of the population, their money seeks out [very low supply, very high demand] investments which are appealing to usurers, such as luxury real estate, luxury cars, luxury bimbos*, luxury wine, etc etc etc.

Furthermore, the usurers will do everything in their power to maintain asset prices [because otherwise usury doesn’t work], even if the first world demographic crisis demands negative interest rates.

*If the Sugar Daddy stories are to be believed, dem hoz b rolling n da $$$s.

I think only a few cases make it into the US. The overseas price on the new release is about $275. In the US it is hard to find. I think it is the fact it is rare that leads to pricing. Great sancerre btw.

Ex-domaine price hasn’t moved over the last years, FWIW

In addition, the wine was about to go the way of Verset, Gentaz, etc. via retirement. At the end the daughter stepped in (I forgot the name) and she was dating Nady Foucault of Clos Rougeard and rumor had it he was helping out in the cellar. I don’t know for sure, but I think all of that is true. It’s also the best wine made from sauvignon blanc on the planet and it isn’t particularly close.

Wholesale pricing hasn’t changed much here in NY either. Goes up $2-$3/btl every vintage, tops.

Nathan, great point about Edmond’s retirement. I had forgotten about that! His daughter’s name is Anne, FWIW.

Is that price for the 2017? Current release here in the US is 2017.

it was '16 i believe, drank the bottle already though so i can’t confirm. i would be surprised if '17 would be out to retailers already as weygandt usually holds back wines quite a while especially for producers like this, cecile tremblay, etc.

i remember the '14s sat at astor wine for quite a while, probably over a month, before someone must of cleared them out at an equally low price.

I passed on an allocation, may have been 2015, and boom, now I’m out of the club! Wah wah.

Regardless of price the wine is singular and outstanding. Tried it for the first time as part of a tasting menu in NOLA and bought pretty much every bottle available in wine searcher as soon as I got back to the hotel. Amazing juice.

In addition, I suppose it also now checks a box.

Do they still make a red?

Best, Jim

No, 2003 was the last vintage of red.

Don’t forget supply

Good call. I traded a case of Vatan last year for a couple bottles of Liger Belair.

I believe the 2017 was released before the 2016. 2016 is still not out in the US market as far as I know.