Why does this name display differently?

From the “Napa winemaker - new to the forum” thread - why does David’s (I think it is - very hard to read) name display in such a light color font, when everyone else’s name is the same color font as John’s is in the snip?


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Use dark mode.

For many reasons discussed in several threads from back in the days of the original transition, dark mode is a no-go for me. Several things display correctly in this mode and not in dark mode (mostly a lack of contrast in the latter on certain things).

Never noticed this issue before now, where a single poster’s name displays in a background-color font while everyone else’s name has good contrast. Regardless of my display mode, why is one poster’s name in a different color font? Is that something posters can change? Is it a “new poster” thing?

Because you viewed his profile - therefore it shows as a hyperlink that you’ve seen already, like when you click a (blue) hyperlink in an email and it then turns purple to indicate you have already clicked it

No, that’s not it. It’s because of the new-user class added to his name. I guess the system sees users as new for some period of time and adds that to differentiate them. Probably a different color could be chosen for that style as it doesn’t look great on dark mode either.

You are correct, thanks - I don’t see any way to easily change the text color of a ‘new user’ in the interface, would have to dig into the css on each of the themes to get it, which I can do if it becomes an issue. I see it fine in the non-dark modes, here is Discourse Default:

Here is WB Default:

I see above @Dav3_Dyr0ff is using one of the ‘vintage’ themes, combining beige and gray, which was really intended JUST for the transition, as it doesn’t have all the features of the other themes, so, as I’ve suggested many times, move away from that theme for best experience/functionality

Curious as to what “features” I gain by switching colors. Every discussion I’ve seen of a cool new feature in the new SW is one I’ve been able to use just fine. Back during the transition, the only “feature” the groovy new color schemes added was the inability to distinguish threads with new posts from threads with no new posts, which seemed only to display with proper contrast in this vintage theme. Has that been fixed?

I believe the most significant/major one was the progress slider, as outlined here

There were a few more, regarding the bell/notifications function, I believe. I’ve never used it, as I wanted a fresh look with full functionality, and frankly the best, FULLY functional one is Discourse default, which I used during BerserkerDay but still use WB Default most of the rest of the time (I can’t do some Admin functions in WB default as I can in Discourse Default, which is more stark white)

Ah, I see I am confusing two different lingo terms and you are slightly incorrect about what I’m using.

I am in fact using the WB Default “Theme.” And I’ve had the progress slider since day one.

What I am also using, though, to cure the problem with the contrast between threads with and without new posts, is the Legacy Test “Color Scheme.”

With this theme and this color scheme, I’ve not seen any features discussed anywhere that I’m missing out on, and I can actually distinguish threads with new content from those without. But as I just learned yesterday, I can’t read the user names of those tagged with “new user” status because they blend into the background.

Ah, nice! Your own hybrid!

That hybrid, however, because of the use of gray and beige, makes the usernames harder to read as the backgrounds are darker than the regular defaults

I might have to disable some colors and themes to maximize things like this, rather than re-code every possible combination based on those options

Well, please don’t disable this combo - many of us use it, I believe, since we all discussed the “can’t tell which threads have new posts” issue, which many of us were having, way back when and we came up with this solution. If I have to live with not being able to read new user’s names, I can live with that more than losing my ability to distinguish threads with new content. If there’s an easy fix to the new user color, great, if not, I’ll deal.