Why do German wines in large bottles

Why do German wines in magnums and larger cost so much more proportionally than other wine regions?
Directly from the wineries they seem to be triple in some cases of the 750s ,I don’t Ming paying armium,but they seem a little skewed.
They just seem to age so well from mags and larger but I’m always turned off by the exorbitant pricing,seemingly across the board.
Thanks for listening

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Hi Rick
I am with Classic Wine Imports in Boston.
We do offer large formats (primarily magnums) on a presell basis.
There is a premium due to the bottle costs and the hand work necessary to bottle the wine but it’s not quite so bad.
Maximin Gruenhaus 2012 Abstberg Kabinett 750 would retail for about $34.99, the 1.5 L $85.99 based on normal retail markups.
JJ Pruem 2012 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese 750 retail $42.99, 1.5 L $110.00
It is a little painful but as you said they age beautifully and make a very dramatic statement at table.
I bought 1.5s of both for my own cellar.