Why are there not more Washington State Wine Makers/Owners on this board?

I have a few if you want some.

Thank you for pointing this out. A big ole no brainer purchase. Aged vertical on the white Bdx, at silly prices, and a chance to also try some aged red wine from great vineyards like Cailloux, Champoux, and Boushey. I’m guessing my only regret here will be not buying a lot more…


First post, but I had never heard of this website until Erica Orr (Orr Wines) told me about it. Little late to the conversation. As the winemaker for Andrew Will wines I’m always interested in people’s thoughts on the WA wine industry!


This is a nice thread to resurrect. Always interested to learn more about WA wine!

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Welcome aboard Will.


There is a pretty good run of TNs going over here…

Future first time drinker here.

Any thoughts on when I should open a '17 horizontal of Champoux, Ciel du Cheval, and Two Blondes?

Welcome to the board, Will. Berserkers benefit from winemakers’ presence, and some winemakers build a good network of supporters here, too. Hope it works for you.

Portlander here. Where are you based, and do you take visitors?

I’m guessing you picked that 3 pack up from Last Bottle? I’m thinking at least another year for for all three. I kinda think 2017 as a vintage is going to be good ageing vintage. But since all three wines have a majority of Merlot, they will drink well now. I think the 2018 Ciel and 2018 Two Blondes are drinking really well already.

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We are based on Vashon Island, WA. We do not have a tasting room though. We only sell direct through our website and through wholesale. That being said we have distribution in over 35+ states, so you should be able to find the wine around the country.

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Thanks! Just here to help spread Washington State wine knowledge to anyone interested!

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Just crushed an Entiat Rocky Reach Syrah with friends over Turkish food.


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Yeah, I think WA State is such a underrated wine region still somehow, but once people discover it, there are some serious wines here.

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I have one of your wines in my cellar. I’ll open it this week.

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Brig, that one was made by Will’s dad, Chris Camarda, IMO one of the most talented winemaker (and blender) around. But the grape didn’t fall too far from the vine with Will, who is making phenomenal wines as well.

I bought my first two cases of Andrew Will wine when the 1989 Cab was first released in about 1991 for $20, IIRC. It continued to drink well for more than 20 years. It would be interesting to find a bottle now to see how it is doing!

Welcome, Will!


Yes welcome Will! I still have some Andrew Will wines from the late 1990s, and they are drinking superbly. And I like the Guido phone number corks! :slight_smile:

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Even @Frank_Murray_III enjoyed this one! Very elegant.

Glad to hear the wine is still drinking well! Appreciate the tasting notes.

I’m still impressed by WA wines in general on the age-ability. I have had some older 80’s Woodward Canyon that was still drinking very well.

Drank a ‘94 AW Merlot blind and although it was new world, was just coming into its prime.

I wasn’t going to post because I have many views about this…. Many not positive, I started in the business in ‘02, I remember when Christophe and Charles pulled up in their shitty white van that wreaked of herb… asked Charles why his winery was ‘k’ cellars and he told me dead pan… ‘because it’s killer’… my thought was that he wasn’t going to last long, who’s the idiot now.

I’m from Oregon, bit my teeth on Pinot and was a Sous chef that worked in Italian restaurants, PDX loves their Italian wines, not so much super Tuscans but northern and southern Italy… so for me, I drink Piedmont, Burgundy, Riesling and champagne… forgot, Northern Rhône, so tannin and acid

In Washington you bite your teeth on cab/Merlot and Syrah, so when you start drinking more seriously, you start with BDX, Cali can and Super Tuscans… different ends of the spectrum… so chocolate and oak.

Also, look at the wine shops, PDX has some amazing wine shops, loaded with (sometimes) overpriced treats but always ahead of the curve… Seattle, what are the great wine shops and what are their allocations?

I have always said, you can tell the NW winemaking region by the quality of the wine shops…

Lastly, Oregon to me is honest, open and more than welcoming, it’s a tight knit community in some parts (some parts not so much) but always friendly to each other… sure there is the outlier, but in general they get along… Washington to me is too fragmented, grapes are 2-6 hours away from many of the wineries (you can’t just hop in your truck and show your customers your vineyards)… so that passion and intellectual curiosity is somewhat stunted… but there is also a passion that is much more palpable coming from Oregon than Washington and I think it all comes down to which grapes you grow….

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