Who's your favorite producer among those you do not handle?

Asking you to choose from among those in your portfolio puts you in an untenable position. So how about if we exclude all of those. Solely on the issue of which “other” riesling producer delivers the most pleasurable wine experience with regularity, who do you pick? And if the answer is “the best TBA producer is not the same as the best GG producer,” how about if you limit yourself to dry riesling for the sake of discussion.

I like Prager’s wines a lot. Boxler’s best Rieslings are superb too. In Germany it’s the “usual suspects,” whose names won’t surprise you: Keller, Theo Haart among others.


What about in Champagne?



Oh I like lots of people; Bereche, Colin, Bara, Doquet and others. Maillart (in Eceuil) is a good up-&-comer whom I felt would be redundant in my portfolio but whom I’m glad to say found an importer.

Thanks so much for being a guest on this board Terry! It is quite the thrill!

Branching off the original question, who are some US producers whose wines you enjoy?


Veronica, I’m trying to find a way to answer you truthfully without sounding snarky or dissing a lot of (what I’m sure are) good people.

In fact I don’t pay very much attention to New World wines. That’s not because I doubt that good ones exist, but it’s more these two things; 1) The odds of my being happy are greater among cool-climate Old World wines, and 2) At some point I decided to be a wine-lover who drank narrowly but deeply in the regions he loved, as opposed to trying to establish some egalitarian cred by drinking everything. I envy those who can, but I’m not one of them. It’ll take me all the time I have left just to suss Barolo or Loire Chenin.