Who's Holdings Would You Most Like to Acquire?

Hello Mssr. Duroux,

First of all, let me say, “Thank you.” for joining us this week. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading what you have written in response to others’ questions so far this week, and will continue to do so throughout the remainder. [cheers.gif]

My question for you is purely hypothetical: if you could – for free – acquire the holdings of any other Chateau (or Chateaux), which would they be? The wines produced from these new holdings would still bear the Palmer name; therefore, this is distinctly not a question about buying “a name,” (or names) but rather a question of which particular land(s) you’d be most interested in adding to Palmer’s present holdings. Let’s also ignore the potential labelling problems/situations that would result from mixing Pauillac or Pomerol grapes with grapes grown in Margaux.



Interesting question!! Well if I could buy vineyards to had to PALMER, they should be in the same league.
The only terroir I see around us is “Chateau Margaux”!!!

Otherwise I would go in the Pomerol AOC, ont he gravel plateau

Does your answer change if it becomes a question simply of “which other holding would you most like to work with?” — i.e.: not a question of adding to Palmer’s holdings. Or does it remain the same?

Let me take even a step further and additionally ask, besides Palmer’s, what terroir in the entire world would you be most interested in?

My answer does change in this case. There are a lot of very interesting place in Bordeaux and if I could choose just one I would choose one of the great first groth of Sauternes.
I was fortunate enough to work in different country like Hungary, California, Italie or South Africa. The one I don’t know but very curious about is clearly New Zeland.

Very interesting, Mr. Duroux! New Zealand, huh? — this is an answer that surprises me. :slight_smile:

What is it about New Zealand that piques your curiosity?

P.S. I share your love for Sauternes. flirtysmile

This is the only place out of burgundy where I found pinot noir with a personality

This should start some discussion… I’ve not bought Pinot from NZ… if I were to do so, do you have one or two favorite producers???

edit: I just checked my Cellar Tracker inventory, and I DO have 1 NZ Pinot Noir… Pyramid Valley…

Felton road in Central Otago is one and I remember some fantastic ones made by Daniel Schuster (Omihi selection if I remember well)

Good questions!

Unfortunately Danny Schuster wines is now defunct. However there are some special producers in North Canterbury up by where he was - Pyramid Valley, Bell Hill, Pegasus Bay and Mountford are probably the most notable.

Thank you for the recommandation