Who's going to wear the black hat?

There are a lot people here who’s contributions I really enjoy. Some of these people I have met, and some I would like to meet. Some I feel like I know, even though I’ve never met them. I love this community, but sometimes it gets a little sleepy.

Bill Klapp and Alan Eden each had their own ways of pissing off people, but both kept things interesting at WB at the same time. Now that these guys are gone, who is going to step up and be the villain when things get a little slow here?



Where is the girl who kicked the bee’s nest?

Plus Rutger Hauer died yesterday another ‘bad man’ out.

Alan wasn’t really the pest Klapp was. He said absurd things, but he was pretty cheerful (with some exceptions) about the resulting uproar. Bill pontificated, was think skinned, and, worst of all, was rarely surprising, which was not Alan’s sin, if he had one.


Do we need one?

I simply do not understand the fairly common desire to have board trolls. The board is a better place when people are respecting each other instead of insulting one another. This is a persistent theme here, and I have never understood it. You can find assholes by the bushel-full everywhere you turn; why is it that people want to promote them here?

Yes, we need someone to play the provocateur. I mean, who will carry the torch on burgs being overpriced weedy dice rolls and trash Alfert’s stinky wines?

I apologize for repeating myself. I was trying to correct a typo and I’m told I’m not allowed to delete posts. Apologies to all.

Well, that settles it, put on your black hat and get to work!

Exactly Neal. While a little harmless ribbing is ok from time to time when a poster moves to a regular pattern of insulting or trolling everyone we probably aren’t dealing with good guys. This should be a place to share our joy for one’s passion for wine not to exercise one’s inner bully fantasies

I hate you with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

I think trolls keep us honest. They ignite the passions and get us talking. When they take over, it’s madness and putridtude, but I think you need a little salt in the mix for flavor.

With 1600+ posts, you should know by now there’s this thing called the “edit” button. It’s the first little icon at top right, looks like a pencil. Use it, dumb-ass. You are blessed that I have decided not to waste any more time on this, or I would be chewing you a new *sshole the size of California right now in very public fashion, and you would be powerless to do anything about it. Your problem is that nobody is interested in what you have to say, and you are insanely jealous I have the credibility that you cannot seem to muster. I am older, more worldly and brighter than you are. There is no reason that I should not be more interesting.

There’s your little taste of Klapp to bring back the good ole’ days.

Mashup of an actual Klapp post. I would never write anything like this myself, except for pointing you to the edit button

Depends on what you mean by “troll.” I don’t mind people making provocative statements or taking positions to provoke discussion. I certainly don’t mind people (me included) getting ribbed for idiosyncrasies. But some of the board favorites specialized in sanctimonious arrogant name-calling and insults. “I know this shit and you are an idiot.” The board is better off without that, whether through self-exile or banishment.

LOL. You forgot “I live in Piemont.”

We could invite Dennis back. Being from NJ I doubt he’s lost his edge after hanging out at CT for the last couple years. [stirthepothal.gif]

I have spent many an hour reading through old Bill Klapp threads and been entertained and enlightened in equal measure. I haven’t done the same for anyone else who has ever posted on this board. Just saying :slight_smile: