Who moves wine these days?

Thread inspired by the Pax email regarding 100 points for the Sonoma Syrah. I see this wine got 100 points from Galloni, who I know was at WA and has been doing is own thing for awhile now. What I don’t know is - does this mean this $48 wine will be $200 in a year or two? I know the Bedrock Weill a Way trio’s, with 100’s from RP himself, are trading close to $300 per from about $60 each on release. So RP still moves the market - and perhaps WS just given their prevalence across the industry (not as familiar with who they’ve got covering what regions these days).

So - I know who may move wine for YOU - critics with whom your palate aligns, but for the winemakers and those ITB here, now that Dunnuck, Suckling, Galloni, etc are all doing their own thing, which critics really move wine these days?

200 views and no comments, I guess no one reads the critics anymore.

My FedEx guy moves a lot of wine this time of year.
But I do give him summers off.

Rimmerman and Paul. [wow.gif]

WS wine if the year significantly increases the value of that one wine that vintage.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how powerful an AG score is for non Italian wines based on this scoring. Like RP did with bedrock, it’s a wine with a score that came out of left field.

I’d say check wine searcher next week when brokers/ small stores get restocked on the Pax.

Tanzer is about it for me.

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Given Pax sold out pretty quickly, it seems clear AG’s score has had a real effect. Bottom line will surely be over $100 before the year is out, if not more.

The Vinous offering is becoming more and more compelling, and readership seems to be rocketing. Everyone I know is subbed now. Neal’s BDX 2017 overview is awesome reading.

Pretty much this board and private messages. [highfive.gif]

I tried this in (flawed) poll form a while back-

I also give DrinkRhone (JLL) and Burghound some respect.