WHO is your FAVORITE Chateauneuf-du-PAPE-producer ....

… and how many vintages and bottles are currently in your cellar?

I like several producers, but based just on number of excellent bottles I’ve had, I’ll have to say Beaucastel is my fave. I’ve gone through all my few older bottles – the 1985 was a particular favorite – but have a few each of '95, '98, '99, '00, '01, '04, '05 and '06. I’ve also got three of the 2010 on order; given my age, the only reason I bought it was the price ($39/bottle).

Pegau. 143 bottles across 16 vintages.

Rayas. About 100 btls (including 35 btls of Fonsalette, which is a Cotes du Rhone), sadly only 5 mostly younger vintages, as I have consumed all my older bottles.


Vieux Telegraphe 9 bottles from 3 vintages
I also like Roger Sabon

rayas followed by charvin and marcoux. only a couple of btls.


Then daylight.

Simple. Beaucastel. I do not tend to enjoy high-Grenache content wines, but I do get pleasure from minor vintage of Beaucastel such as '96, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer. I like the white too. Vintages range from '78 to '05 with maybe 30 bottles.

Pegau. 60 bottles across 14 vintages. Unlike Rauno, I adore cuvees that are more grenache oriented. I love Rayas as well.


Beaucastel. Good $#!+.

Charvin for the elegance

Both Beaucastel and Vieux Telegraphe.


Don’t have a whole lot unfortunately, but there are few reds that wow me like Rayas does.

Pegau for me too. 119 bottles over 19 vintages. No Capo, though.

I have some standards, not more than a case of anything, wish I had more. CDP and Piedmont are definitely the areas in my cellar I wish I could fill out more…everything suffers from King Burgundy!

Aside from Rayas, the other absolutely unbelievable, total world-killing, almost hard to believe delicious CDP, is Cailloux Cuvee Centenaire 1990. I rarely see the wine written about (though it has a big parker score), but it is a definitely a worthwhile wine to seek out for CDP lovers. Less than half the price of Rayas 90, but an incredible example of what very, very old vine Grenache can be. I have not had many other vintages, but that wine is a show stopper.

My favorite is Rayas, but alas, I own none. Ben, I second your recommendation of the 90 Brunel Centenaire, which has been a strong contender for WOTN at a few tastings a friend has hosted featuring all of the top '89 and '90 Chateauneuf-du-Papes. Unfortunately, the '90 Rayas has been corked at 2 or 3 of the tastings… The TCA has been just light enough to torture me with glimpses of how great the wines would have been but for a chunk of cheap Portuguese bark. Has any other industry destroyed so much value and denied so much pleasure with such minimal consequences?

Pegau without a doubt. I currently have 12 vintages including a couple of Cuvee Laurence. But my favorite was the 1981.

Man, I am seriously jealous of all of the incredible collections of Pegau…

(Mike - I do not do horror movies, FYI.) [shock.gif]

Pegau, 10 vintages