Who is buying Belle Glos on WineBid?!!!

I’m astounded at the number of Belle Glos bottles available for auction sale on WineBid this week. Who is buying all these recent vintages at marked up prices when so much of this is already available at retail!!!

I might buy.

Probably restaurants.

I am part of the A-AFWE .
I’m so sick of wine snobs -go find something better to do.

Another situation of either WineBid buying these direct and re-offering them, the winery itself offering them (probably not) or a distributor ‘dump’.

In any evert, if these are wines you like, probably a good deal - but need to figure in commissions/shipping/etc . . .


Truth in that first line somewhere. I just worry that it was better giving a retailer the wine to jolt the brand. Frankly, if I like Belle Glos, I wouldn’t look at auction, and given how most view auction (which I firmly believe is wrong, and that’s not speaking with any bias despite where I work) as a “risky place to buy”, it doesn’t feel like a huge upside move for whomever’s inventory it was.

I’m not trying to be a wine snob. Just from a pure pricing perspective I see these prices for Belle Glos above retail pricing (factoring in 17% premium, sales tax and shipping) and it doesn’t seem like a smart purchase when Belle Glos seems to be widely available. Just was curious about the strategy.

Also wanted to mention I’m actually firmly in Jay Hack’s Pro Flavor Brigade or whatever he called that in another thread so I’m not terribly biased against bold wines. I will say I am fairly put off by the wax on the bottle of the Belle Glos.

I’m so sick of strategy snobs -go [sic] find something better to do.


Bryan didn’t say anything disparaging about the quality of the wine, only the price.

Also looking at it more closely, it does appear to be some kind of wholesale purchase. It’s mostly brand new vintages of Belle Glos (and Caymus, it was a part of their rolling banner).

Fair enough -thanks for the clarification . Now your OP makes total sense .

He did -but not with his original post.

At Acker, someone bought a six bottle lot of 1999 Romanee Conti for $111,600.

Who’s buying this stuff?


I admit my OP was provocative. [stirthepothal.gif]

I’m actually shocked it didn’t go for more. That’s only $15K per bottle to the seller.

protip: you’re on a wine board

I had thought that the auction house had branched out, to collectible candles?


Bryan, you created a topic that in one day has over 800 views, and the day ain’t even over yet.

Bravo. [worship.gif]

I agree with Ian. This is a ‘commercial’ brand. The purchasing demographic is not made up of people you’d generally classify as auction or aftermarket buyers. Put the inventory in the retail chain, don’t sell it to Winebid. Well at least not for another 5 years until the hype from retail and restaurant exposure propels the brand into the secondary market category.

I love wine snobs!!!


Ps. I like wax capsules too. drinking an AFWE Bordeaux right now with wax. Made a mess. Makes me feel special. Like the wine even more!