Who do you "Trust" on CT?

The discussion of notes and scores over in another thread seemed to emphasize what we’ve mostly all always known to be true - the most useful notes are those from people whose palates we know, or have come to feel that we know, whether because they align with ours or because they don’t.

I thought it might be fun and potentially feel good exercise to give shout outs to those whose notes we follow the most closely. Here are some the ones I follow, in no particular order - I’ll leave out the ones I find useful because we NEVER agree. :wink: Some of these people I know, some I only know from WB but hope to know in person some day. This list doesn’t include people like Robert Dentice, whose palate I trust completely, but doesn’t write notes on CT.

As an aside, that thread has also inspired me to resolve to write more notes when we start drinking wine again in March. Just don’t expect any scores.

Brad England
Jeremy Holmes
David Bueker
Rodrigo Braga
Tim Heaton
Warren Taranow
Blake Brown
Al Factor
Suzanne Camhi
Jayson Cohen
Seth Rosenberg
Brian Stotter
Kevin Shin
Don Cornnut

Apologies to anyone I’ve missed!


^^ Those folks might seem knowledgeable, but in my book there’s only one person I trust. His CellarTracker name is 3daywinereview.com

Lots of those mentioned. Plus:

Paul Seah
Otto Forsberg
Keith Levenberg
Frank Murray III

And people whose names I don’t know:

LePetiteChateau (particularly good)

And certainly others that don’t come to mind

Almost regardless is how much your palate does or doesn’t correspond to his, Jeff Leve is a treasure on CT.


Strongly agree. While we don’t share a similar palate, his notes give me a very good idea about whether or not I will like a wine.

I think whoever goes by the CT handle “William Kelley” has some pretty decent notes…


I’m with Corey on this (just trying to get in on his signature line) [snort.gif]


I don’t have a compiled list, but a lot of the names already mentioned appear on mine. There are also some people who were in one of my tasting groups at one time or another, and so I know their palates very well.

Great list. Here are some other handles who I follow, but not sure if they are on WB or not. These people are consistent in the quality of their notes and often drink similar wines that I do:


In addition to the ones listed above:


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Question from professional and personal curiosity : Are you seeing notes on these trusted tasters because you are looking at a wine or because you actively scan their notes and see what they have to say across many wines?

Really enjoy Motz, and have made purchases before based on some of his reviews. Not only does my own palate line up quite well - but his writing style makes it easy to imagine myself experiencing the wine as well.

how do i get a RSS feed for people i follow?

I see them when I’m looking at a particular wine. Since we enjoy many of the same wines, they come up often.

+1 to this. This is how I discover many of the CT reviewers I follow. Keep on seeing same names and reading their high quality comments/notes.


Interesting topic.

A few not listed from the board:
Martin Zwick (no CT as far as I’m aware, but does post on the board)
Brian Buzzini
Brian Grafstrom

Others in CT I don’t know, but frequently pop up in wines I’m interested in:

In CT, under Recent Reviews, you can filter by “I’m a fan of the taster”

Missatiejacket - Doug S here in the forums
RajivAyyangar - Rajiv here in the forums
Prof B - from the WLTV forums (& here too…I think)

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Adding Tom Reddick (ElPaninaro) and Salil B (salil) to the list, even though the latter no longer posts on WB.

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