Who do you trust most

Choose one/many

  • Galloni/Vinous
  • Parker/WA
  • Neal Martin
  • WS
  • Tanzer
  • Suckling
  • Jancis Robinson
  • Wine Enthusiast
  • Cellar Tracker average
  • Other

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OK. So I know no one here believes in points and ratings… but if you happen to be in a wine store and see a wine/vintage you are unfamiliar with, but with good scores attached and at a reasonable price… Which if these reviewers names attached to the score would make you seriously consider taking a flyer.

Flawed poll. You forgot Mark Squires. He’s the only one on WA staff I trust. By far one of the most thorough and honest reviewers from a major publication I’ve read.

[popcorn.gif] + pepsi

I used to follow Tanzer, and still do a bit. More importantly I trust certain staff at some local wine stores, and of course friends whose taste is similar to mine.

None. Easy pass.

Anyone taking odds that the Suckling gets a goose egg for votes.

I look at the critic scores to calibrate, but I’m a big fan of CellarTracker and won’t pull the trigger, unless I see consistencies there with what the critics are saying. For example, been picking up some 2014 Bdx lately, and there are lots of glowing reviews from WS, AG, etc., but when I slide over to CT, the scores sometime are much lower. I get that anyone can post on CT, but you get a wine with 30 reviews across 15 different tasters, there will be some truth in there. That all said, my favorite critic is me!

I’m 100 points on those odds!

Piedmont: AG. Bordeaux: NM. But then, I no longer buy Bordeaux.

I trust people I know personally more than critics.

Dang. Forgot Tanzer. knew there was at least one obvious one.

Tanzer is now Vinous.

All polls are flawed (I forgot Brett Favre too). I originally wanted to break it down by region- in which case I might have remembered that guy (portugal/port right?).

However the poll making tool makes it hard to do multiple regions in one post and frankly I was only sorta curious. Though the question is inspired by real life- I was looking for wines for an office function this morning- budget about $20 per bottle, and running through the aisles of total wine trying to make decisions, get some variety, etc. Total wine has so many odd ball “winery direct” wines, relabel wines, etc, that finding ones with reviews to begin with was a good start. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but unique enough to be listed separate than Galloni, no?

Sure, I’d say the same for Ian and Josh.

Jeb Dunnuck

I know. But I don’t trust anything from WA, except from Mark. So i couldn’t check the box for it as a result. Besides, this wouldn’t be a WB poll without someone saying it was flawed [bow.gif]

I’ll take that bet.

i think its quite important to read between the lines and not necessarily look at the a score. also knowing what you like. as far as critics are concerned, i try to read as many as i can to try to determine common ground. the problem with cellartracker is a lot of people will rate a wine poorly if it is not their style.

The collective wisdom of this board.

After that, Brad Baker and Meadows.

Best approach is to triangulate across multiple sources and confirm on Cellartracker.