Who do you think....

…makes he best value BAs, TBAs and Ice wines?

That’s like asking who’s the best third baseman. Different people, for different reasons! I don’t know who makes the “best,” and even though I’m guilty myself of sometimes using exclusive superlatives, I wish I didn’t and that no one else did either.

I know if I want delicious BA at a great price I always think of Darting.

Thank you

“Best” is a word I avoid for the reasons noted, but I can tell you what I’ve found enjoyable.

In particular, I enjoyed an '01 Selbach Oster Zeltinger Himmelreich Eiswein (“Junior”) a few years ago that was just marvelous.

Value is another word that is pretty subjective. I think this was somewhat north of $70 for a 750 (back then), but it was worth ever cent in my book.

In 2009, Jakob Schneider released a Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Eiswein that at $75 for 375ml is still good value, as it’s the only way you’re getting a wine like that from a place like that.

By “best” I meant “favorite”.

To rephrase the question I could ask, “Who makes some great dessert riesling that won’t cause a fight with my wife when I buy it?”

Sounds great.

Berry, I’d rather not shill blatantly for my growers. Better to let other weigh in, as they have done.

when I want a great BA that is also great value, I open a Muller-Catoir Auslese.

For bargain BAs, there were a lot of ‘declassified’ wines in 2006 - lots of really ripe, sweet stuff sold as Auslese and some as Spätlese (check out Meulenhof’s 06s, btw).

TBAs - Darting.

Don’t think there is such a thing as inexpensive Eiswein (as long as we’re talking about the good stuff)…

And I fully echo what David & Maureen have said.

Thanks everyone

I had this from 375ml once and agree … and I’m still sitting on a 750ml. Hmm…