Whisky Shrinkflation

New release of Springbank 15yr old green label is 700ml instead of a full fifth.

It’s actually a very common European size and just became legal in the US, so now they don’t have to spend money on bottles just for the US market.


The price was up 25% from the last time I bought the 750ml.

My explanation certainly does not explain that.

Will be interesting if US producers try to down gauge. Likely will happen eventually

JD did with their Bonded program. Its 700 ml for the triple mash and the BIB Tennessee whiskey

Most of the whisky I’ve purchased in my life has been in 700ml. The best Scotch whisky has always been bottled in that format. I think it a good thing that we in the US are now able to buy in that format domestically.


A bottle of some kind of special edition Bombay I was holding the other day was 700ml as well.

It’s like my 59oz Tropicana OJ

For years 700ml has been the standard for the UK and much of Europe. For years, TTB regulations didn’t allow that format. Back in 2020 they modified the rules to allow importation for the more popular 700ml European format. So many producers now just one the one format for ease of bottling.