Whisky Note Makes Even John Gilman's Worst Look Like Praise

I tend to put more stock in notes/scores for whisky from critics I like than I do for wine, maybe because whisky doesn’t change in the bottle in nearly the way wine does over time. So I spend a considerable amount of time reading Serge’s notes on whiskyfun.com. This morning I came across this little gem, on a bottle of Dufftown-Glenlivet ‘SS Wallachia’ (Peter Dawson, Scotch Whisky, sunken 1895 in the Clyde) which made me laugh out loud:

Colour: gold. Nose: some kind of stale diesel oil mixed with rotten cabbage, Chinese 1000 years old eggs, long forgotten Japanese nato, durian, surströmming, decomposing flesh and rotting floated wood. Also burnt tyres. Utterly awful, makes you cry. Instantly. Mouth: burnt plastic, rotten mud, dead animals of many kinds including aquatic (of course), rotten cabbage, sludge, rust… And death. Finish: totally foul. Fading traces of damned souls. Comments: utter abomination. Probably toxic. Please call our lawyers. SGP:022 – minus 20 points.Honest.


That puts even the worst I’ve read from John Gilman in a rosy glow.

LMAO!!! oh boy … so, where does one find a bottle???

It’s the “fading traces of damned souls” that really takes the review to perfection. I’m going to have to steal that.


That note was art!