Which winery's mailing list is the hottest now?

Very Marxist.

Groucho Marx, that is.

O0H ! Thanks !
You’re very good at that, lots of practice I presume ! [pwn.gif]

I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you, and since I have a case of Chester’s Anvil Hattori Hanzo red wine, I can use that for the coup de grace.

If it’s the Brooklyn hipster sommelier crowd, then add Sandlands and Dirty & Rowdy.


Not really a list, but what’s always in style, no matter what…RIDGE.

Deus Ex Vinum, by far.

You can’t sign up, they invite you, or not.

The first rule of DeV is you don’t talk about DeV.

Ultramarine is hot right now. champagne.gif

Bartolo Mascarello!

I am a MP fan but have not seen The Meaning of Life in a long time. I liked Life of Brian and Holy Grail more. I always new the cheese makers were special.

So how do they know to invite you? Do they print pages of Berserker threads and throw darts at them? [scratch.gif]

Is there a secret code word you have to use when you reply to their invitation? rolleyes

True, but that’s only since 1962.

Macdonald. Only mailing list that currently inspires jealousy. Everything else is obtainable. And SQN is overextracted garbage to me, though my sample size is small.

I don’t know the ‘how.’ It’s a shock/joy to get notified. I met a non-Bereserker at Fleming’s in Newport a few years ago who was also a member. The story is too unbelievable to be told.

(Edited in order to remain on list.)

I am sure some others have been notified, as well.

I would call it “Cork Wide Shut.” I think it has huge quality behind it.

Why is there nothing on the web about Deus Ex Vinum?

It’s always the one you are not on.

The first rule of D.E.V…is you DO NOT talk about D.E.V.!!!

how small is the sample? those are strong words if the sample is one wine.

Somewhere between 6-8 bottles over the last 4 years or so. I usually find them cloying and damn near undrinkable. Not my style.