Which will last longer: this sushi restaurant, or the fish in it?

Methinks your new posting “trend” will outlast them both.

I think you’re so far off on this one. This place will be a hit in NYC just like it’s a monster hit in LA. I don’t think the place is any good but tons of people go because of the price point and they love it.

my daughter and her LA friend who loves Sugarfish went on Saturday night 6pm- 4 hour wait. They went to Yama

Nobody goes there; it is too crowded. [wow.gif]

When I used to eat fish, Yama was a favorite.

Agree w c fu here. Sugarfish does gangbusters biz here in LA from what I have seen. I used to love the ‘Trust Me’ lunch when I had just moved here and didn’t know s*** from sushi. I still don’t think it’s bad, but not sure if that says more about me or their sushi.

Victor quoting Yogi Berra! What will happen next? The lion will lie down with the lamb?

On Broadway, no less.