Which white burg

What would you open of these?

2016 Bouchard MP
2016 PYCM Chassagne VV
2016 PYCM SA Le banc
2016 PYCM Santenay Comme
2016 Pernot-Belicard MP
2013 PYCM SA La Chateniere
2014 Jadot Meursault Charmes
2011 PYCM Chassagne Chenevottes

2013 PYCM SA La Chateniere - save yourself the pre-mox concerns and drink the oldest bottle

isn’t that the 2011?

Yeah it might be the most ready too; I have a lot of white burg so that won’t go too far in alleviating premox concerns. Had a 07 Boillot mouchere premox few weeks ago :frowning:

Drink the 16 Bouchard. It’s the only one I have and I’d like to see a tasting note!

PYCM '11 Chenovottes is in no danger of premox, but it is drinking very well.

Whoops, missed the last one.

Wouldn’t the Jadot be the one to pick for highest premox risk? I’ve found PYCM to resist premox quite well, even from as early as 2005 (earliest I’ve had from them)

Jadot under DIAM since 2011.

Premox is solved?

Opened the chenevottes, it’s utterly beautiful, first of a 3 pack I grabbed for $68/btl last month, lovely, notes later.