Which saxum should I open for thanksgiving

I’m looking to open a bottle from my cellar of saxum but not sure which would be drinking best as of now. I’m sure 99% of berserkers on here know more about which to pick than me. Can someone please make a recommendation? These are the bottles I have:

2011 saxum heart stone
2010 saxum broken stones
2011 saxum booker
2011 saxum James berry
2017 saxum booker
2017 saxum heart stone
2017 saxum G2
2016 saxum 4 hearts
2016 saxum bone rock
2017 saxum James berry white

Thanks and happy holidays


I would suggesting going with the white or going with age. Just keep in mind that the 2011 Booker will probably need a good 1-2 hour decant whereas the other older reds perhaps 30-60 mins only. I would stay away from the younger reds–let them slumber for a few more years.

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I have had all the older ones you’ve listed multiple times and I definitely would say to open one of those. I had the 2011 James Berry in September - it was massive but everyone enjoyed. I also had the 2010 Broken Stones within the last year and it was absolutely delicious. The last bottle of 2011 Heart stone we had was off.

Not listed, but we usually open a Saxum Paderewski on Thanksgiving because of its zinfandel component.

IIRC, the first Saxum Paderewski vintages were zin heavy–I only know because I have become very zin adverse. I began buying it once the zin component dropped (2014 or 2015?), but passed again on the 2018 when it was once again the largest component.

My last 2011 heartstone and James berry were in a great spot. I’d go with one of those.

but passed again on the 2018 when it was once again the largest component.

Zin is only 15% in 2018 Paderewski

Zin lead 2009-2012. I don’t think it’s ever going to lead again.

Heart Stone. They are usually Grenache heavy which I think works well with a traditional Thanksgiving table.

Thank you all so much

I am still drinking the older vintages of Paderewski. I don’t think I’ve opened any Saxum more recent than 2012 and definitely have not had the newer Paderewski blend yet. We usually open a few zinfandels/Zin blends on Thanksgiving so it was fun to throw this into the mix when it first came out and we’ve just done it every year since.

While I can’t agree with you about zin (used to love it, but for about the past 10 years I just can’t stand them–definitely a ME issue), but I can certainly agree about the need to age Saxum!!! I still love the 2005s when I can get my mitts on them!

Hey, for all I know, you would probably say that the G2 drinks well early too! HAH!

Seriously though, I recall an email from the winery saying that zin was 35% of the blend–really, I remember like it was yesterday!

Everyone else,
And for those that don’t get my sarcasm, the G2 is stunningly good young. Bill taught me that! Only Saxum that I’d consider in the first few years frim vintage.

Sounds like you’ve been drinking the wrong zins Ron! Let us know if you want any recos :wink:

Looking forward to hearing what you open. I think I’m going with a 2006 Booker Vineyard on Thanksgiving, which i am pretty damn excited about!

the G2 is stunningly good young


Sounds like I need to try a G2. Looks like I have 14, 15, 16 and 17 on hand.

This one! [cheers.gif]

Justin’s 11 are really legend. HS or BS FTW.

The 17 G2 was the first and only Saxum I’ve tried but its sent me down a black hole of trying to procure more as it was so damn good, sounds like a short 6 year wait haha. From Justin’s notes it sounds like the 17s overall were some of the most approachable upon release.

His BS listed is a 2010…

Nonetheless, great minds think alike!

Was thinking the same thing Sherri. Might have to make it a 2 bottles of Saxum Holiday weekend :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving Sherri!

Same to you, Rich! Which one are you thinking of opening? I think I will try the 14 first.