Which RIDGE are you drinking?

Was looking for this thread since the WB Migration. Popped open a 2001 Sonoma Station Zin tonight:

  • 2001 Ridge Zinfandel Sonoma Station - USA, California, Sonoma County (11/26/2022)
    Another one of my random WineBid wins.

    Cork was in perfect condition and probably didn’t need to use the Durand on it. Inky black to garnet in color. Little to no sediment. It needed some air but stopped developing after 10-15 minutes.

    Nose of cocoa, decomposing leaves, old baking spices, umami notes lead by soy sauce, and hints of dried brambly berries. Light bodied, waning acidity, and still oddly tannic. Palate of dark cocoa, fresh and dried bramble, cherries, and old baking spices. Slightly chewy tannins. Long and thin finish of decomposing tomato leaf, cocoa, graphite, dill, black pepper, light clove, and light nutmeg.

    I won’t call this over the hill, but it is very much past its peak. Enjoyable for what it is. I’ve always wanted to try a Ridge wine at this stage. This helps cement the feeling I’ve always had about Ridge – many of the wines have a long tail from their peak. I think this would have been much better in 2006-2010. (88 points)

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Guessing that’s one of the least age-worthy Ridge Zins.

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I had a 2020 Geyserville open for Thanksgiving that showed way too much overt oak aroma that day, but after two days under argon in the fridge it had settled down and i thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers with pasta last night.

After many years I’ve started tossing a bottle of two of Geyserville in the cellar every couple of years starting with 2015 as a science experiment to see what they do these days with 15-20 years of age.


Are all of these drinkable now’ish? I’m new to Ridge and figured I’d dive in.

  • 2019 Geyservile
  • 2019 Lytton Springs
  • 2020 Pagani Ranch
  • 2020 Paso Robles

Bonus: what should we expect from a 1991 Geyserville? It’s from dad’s cellar, and we’re thinking about opening it. The 1970 Occidental and 1976 Monte Bello weren’t enjoyable, however both were low shoulder and the corks were in rough condition. The old Geyserville is in better condition, though.

Bet the 91 Geezer is really fun.

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2018 Geyserville, beautiful after about 10 minutes in the glass


Got my Z-list shipment two weeks ago and I decided to open one of the 2021 East Bench Zinfandel’s to check it out. This was such a pretty, young Zinfandel! Cherries, strawberries, blood orange, and pepper on the nose and palate. Beautiful body with medium acidity and typical dusty Dry Creek tannins with a long citrus and peppery finish. I was really impressed with how it was drinking at such a young age.


Opened the 2021 Estate Chardonnay tonight with cod and crab cakes. I think it was probably too early but still enjoyed it.

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In celebration of Mexican Election Day we uncorked this 24 y/o beauty. Loads of nervous spine here in this luscious juicebox. Dusi has never disappointed me yet. Might have 1-2 left and I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Nice to enjoy an Election Day with 0 anxiety.


This was nice!! Not a world-beater but super enjoyable.

1980 Picchetti Zinfandel, Santa Cruz Mountains.
It’s always amazing how well Ridge wines age. This Picchetti zin was really nice. Tart cranberries, some cinnamon, and a sour-apple like note on the finish. Medium bodied with plenty of acidity. Just a really beautiful, well aged zin from one of the masters. As always, an extra point for being a birth-year wine.


2008 Pagani Zin… Rich, rumbustious, ready.

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