Which RIDGE are you drinking?

Is it possible this iconic winery doesn’t have one of these threads here at Wineberserkers? Too many great wines the issue? We hate a single thread with notes about Cabs, blends, Zins, PS & Chardonnays?

In an effort to rectify this on Father’s Day I present a wine I bought before moving from Florida, last of a 6-pack I think. This showed as well as any Lytton Springs I have ever had. Just perfect last night with beef ribs and the last glass was the best. From Zalto Bordeaux stems after 2-3 hours aeration the 1996 just strutted its stuff. 19% PS, since the label doesn’t show that well

On vacation, purchased at Von’s, served with prime strips, very nice and an excellent value at $24.00

Man, I love all of your posts that include pics of the crazy good looking BBQ that you grill up Glenn, but I like them even more when they include a kick-ass note on an aged Lytton Springs!

Great stuff all around and an awesome idea for a thread. Might have to call an audible today and pop a Ridge!!

I was going to title the thread Which Twenty Year Old Ridge are you drinking but didn’t want to be accused of ageism, or only liking twenty-somethings.

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Unfortunately, no 20+ year old bottles in my young cellar, but my wife and I enjoyed a 2009 Pagani Ranch with tri-tip on Saturday. First time with a Ridge bottling from this vineyard and liked the big, ripe fruit, but still prefer Geyserville and Lytton Springs.

We popped a '14 Hooker Creek Zin last night, only because I have several and it was near the top of the pile. Good and fairly approachable for a young Ridge. I often find the American oak overpowering on young Ridges, but it wasn’t so bad here. Somewhat tannic and astringent. Needs time. Lots of stuffing though. I’ll revisit in 2034 :wink:

So starts a 100 year thread

Just had 96 Monte Bello. Excellent, but I think better in 5+ years.

Just my personal two cents’ worth, but I think creating new threads for new TNs gets the word out better than lumping all the Carlisle or Bedrock or Ridge TNs into a single, long thread. I like all those wineries, and yet I rarely ever click on those threads. On the other hand, if you posted a TN on a 1996 Lytton Springs, I’d read it for certain.

Again, that’s just my perspective on it, others probably feel differently.

You are just speaking the truth Chris, though most folks do not post single TN’s so a thread like this comes in handy for another set of folks.

Just finished a terrific tasting of RidgeRhones up on MBRidge from their library. TN’s to follow in a few hrs.

I don’t have any notes to post today but I will be checking in on this thread a lot in the coming months and years as I am buying a lot of Ridge lately

Saturday we had the 2013 Paso Zinfandel, it was excellent considering how young it was.

Geyserville I have a 2012, 2009, and a 1994 with 2 more 94’s on the way

I agree with you but in the spirit of WB I just felt badly for Ridge getting left out here.

Ha, me too, and last night got note from b21 that conditioned van service is broken until mid-July! Had lots of 2013s and 2014s, coming on Tuesday. Had.

We opened a 2009 Geyserville last night with dinner. Love the 2009 Ridge’s. This went really well with burgers and portobello mushrooms on the grill. This one has years of life left, and is definitely one to backfill if you can find them.


I think buying a lot of Ridge is one of the wine world’s most sensible activities!

I just bought a couple of mags to pour at my son’s rehearsal dinner.

I tasted '63-66, NV ('66/71 blend), '74 and ’ 68 Montebello (from a 6 liter bottle) 11 days ago. '68 Ruby Cabernet, too.

Does that count? [wow.gif]

I just want to remind everyone again that Chris works for the Devil.