Which is the better of these crappy wines

My sister is getting married next weekend the place only has a choice of a few crappy wines. So what would you pick?

Stone Celllars (beringer) Cavit, or Salmon Creek

Pinot Grigio
Stone Cellars (beringer) or Salmon Creek

There is a Chardonnay option too, but I personally HATE cheap chardonnay (sorry if that’s snobby)

(I’m sneaking in a backpack with some goodies)

I would take the bad white over the bad red. At least with a white you can chill the hell out of it to mask most of the flavors.

Personally I’d pick the cheap Chardonnay, beer or soda. I’m pretty sure that Salmon Creek is a Bronco brand if that helps you decide.

Sorry it wasn’t clear…picking one cab and one pinot grigio

Dave, for me i agree…I’m doing beer and mixed drinks and snuck in wine!

I just mean for others

What, no love for Oak Leaf? Only $3.97 at your local friendly Wal-Mart neener

Salmon Creek is a restaurant-only wine from Bronco. There is no retail equivalent so you can’t compare prices. http://westernfarmpress.com/mag/farming_two_buck_chuck/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Not true. Have seen them in retail stores.

I’m guessing pick the prettier label? [shrug.gif]

I’d ask the manager how much he expects to make off the crappy wine, then offer to pay him that in cash if he lets you supply the wines.

When we got married 20 years ago we didn’t know much about wine. However there was a German Sekt that we quite enjoyed
so we talked to the people at the venue and they were happy to get that for us.

Stone Cellars.

Someone has to bite the bullet, and even the lowest-tier Beringer producrs are usually “good” for what they are.

Dave, I tried that…I figured there profit was 12-15 pr bottle and offered to pay them a “corkage” fee of $15 per bottle and i’ll supply the wine. They quickly shut down that idea.

I’m thinking the Beringer at least is a known evil

zachary - go for the lower tier beringer. the salmon creek is basically a mass produced product with an on-site specific goal.

If they are both available retail, then you could buy a bottle of all of the possibilities and taste them blind.

I might try that tomorrow - that was my thought too, but the place has to know ASAP what we want. Could be a FUN afternoon for me!

80 degrees here tomorrow - smoke some meat on the smoker and drink 4 bottles of wine!!!

That’s optimistic of you. Thinking that all 4 will be drinkable.

History shows us that poison is drinkable. It’s the aftermath one has to consider.

flask full of pappy 20yr or jwb

do it!