Which is a better Nebbiolo deal, Barolo vs. Barbaresco?

Giacomo Fenocchio Barolo 2010 (normale) ($31) or Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco 2016 ($37)

The answer is–yes.

For those prices you could/should buy plenty of both. When you can get excellent wines like those for prices in the $30’s, why in the world would anyone in their right mind be spending over $200 for things like California Cabs?

If choosing one I’d buy Produttori in this case, but if I was looking for 6 bottles I’d buy 3 of each.

At these prices, buy one of each, open them both and see what you think. If you like Nebbiolo the experience will be good and your credit card won’t be too offended.


Yes, this makes a lot of sense!


Couple great values here. Definitely go with both.

2010 was kind of a breakout vintage for Giacomo Fenocchio, where more industry types took notice and brought the wines in. Haven’t had the base Barolo but have plenty of the crus, good memories of the 10’ Bussia had shortly after release. Will have to dig one of the cellar one of these days.

Good to know about their 2010 breakout. The Bussia is excellent, though I haven’t had the '10. The vines for the normale are not that old (approx 20yrs), but it’s a quality producer.

I loved the 2010 Villero, after trying it picked up a bunch of the Villero and Cannubi, slumbering in my cellar. Haven’t bought any more, a mistake I will have to rectify.

I’m not all that Barolo savvy, but that seems like a great price for a 10-yr old Barolo while that is the standard tariff for the Produttori. Sure that is the 750 price?

Buy a lot of both. Excellent wines and you can’t go wrong. Where are you getting those prices?

Oof hard call! Just because of the age and price I’d go with the Barolo. I love the style of the producer and that is a tough price to beat for a '10.

I am buying a case of the Fenocchio because of the producer and stellar viintage. It’s the 750 and went through Vivino (via Rakuten) to get an extra 4% off. I’m going to get a bottle of the Produttori too.