Which Eurocave to Purchase?

For those that have purchased a Eurocave, did you purchase the premiere, pure or revelation? We are leaning toward the Pure, but I’m wondering if the revelation is worth the extra $1500? We are also wanting to get the L version. Thanks in advance!

I have the revelation and the premier both the large ones. The revelation looks much nicer and the shelving is better.

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I’ve got a Pure (alongside some Artevinos) and am very happy with it. The individual bottle holders (Somm’s Hand or something the like) are great and the shelving makes for very easy access. Overall, great build quality.

From what I can tell from the site, the advantage of the Revelation is that it has multiple climate zones. Not sure how useful that is to be honest, just make sure you pull out your reds out about half an hour prior to serving.

I have two of what would now be called the Premiere. Those models didn’t exist when I bought mine. They are still doing nicely 15 years later. I do not need multiple temperature zones. I only need reliable wine storage temperatures. Personally, I prefer to spend the extra money required to buy the more expensive models on wine to put into my cabinets.

I bought the pair of large ones with the solid black doors. Then I bought one more…very happy

I have the Artevino III that I got through Costco a couple of years ago and I really couldn’t ask for more. Literally zero issues and temp/humidity have been perfect. I keep a separate thermometer and hygrometer in there to verify consistency and have had no problems.

Perhaps it’s not quite as elegant as the full EuroCaves, but strictly based on performance I’d have a hard time ponying up the extra $1-2k for the other models.

I bought the Premiere this year and love it. Temp and humidity both stay in an ideal range. I considered each unit, but ultimately decided the Pure/Revelation weren’t worth the cost for the extra features. The Revelation looks amazing, but for me it wasn’t worth the extra $$ for looks and improved shelving…whatever you decide, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Subscribing to this thread as I’m also considering between the Premiere and Pure. It seems like based on the marketing materials, Eurocave did a major revamp to the internals across the entire line recently, as evidenced by the efficiency and ambient temperature operating ranges? Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone know if there’s discount for bulk purchases (I think I need to buy three unfortunately for my wallet)