Which Champagne are you drinking?

if it’s a white made from red and white isn’t it a BdN BdB mix, so I guess not a 100% BdN?

The clues are on the label! It’s a Coteaux (listed) from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc (listed), ratio is 60:30:10 ( not listed) based on 2019 (listed as code) with the rest being from a perpetual reserve (listed) from 2010-2018 (not listed).

We sold it for €42 which is quite cheap for a Coteaux, it’s a bit leesy, yeasty, light flavours and low alcohol (listed).

I liked it.


From a split, this is right in the zone. Expressive nose, just the right austerity on midpallet and a full nutty finish. All ripe peach, white chocolate and hazelnut.



Yes, not a BdN. I guess you could call it a BdB&N. :grin:

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A terrific first post!

I suspect I am going to end up in a similar place. When I took a look at the CT notes of the 10 wines bought, they all seem decent. But I did notice is the spread is Meunier heavy.

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Part of a thread just posted:

Our Wednesday night dinner group met at Birnam Wood Golf Club on a Thursday night when they do a fabulous BBQ buffet.

Seven of us enjoyed 14 wines with all but the dessert wine being poured and tasted blind, not a typical choice for this group. Having 4 members of our Monday night blind tasting dinner group swayed the minority.

We had 3 champagnes, 5 white Burgs and 5 Left Bank Bordeaux which was our specific red wine theme for this night. Here’s some notes on all but the dessert wine which I did not taste:

The first champagne was brought by a thoughtful person to sip on while we were waiting for others to show up and not intended to be served blind, but we did it anyway:

NV DOMAINE PETIT & BAJAN PROMISE GRAND CRU BRUT AVIZE- blind; 60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir; base vintage 2013, dosage 4 gpl and disgorged 7/21; this started out with nice citrus fruit especially lemon and lime and then went into lemongrass and straw/hay and later on transitioned into orange marmalade before finally landing on red cherry; it was pleasantly rich with a little weight and had bright acidity. I thought the flavor profile and body suggested some Pinot Meunier inclusion and it had none; so, more to learn. Also, I had it as a “young” champagne in the 2015-2016 range.


2014 DELAMOTTE LE MESNIL sur OGER BLANC de BLANC- served to all others blind; I’d been waiting to open this young vintage mindful of how stellar the 2012 was out of the gate and lo and behold, this pretty much replicated it with its rich and creamy mouthfeel and lovely fruit profile that consisted of ginger accented lemon, golden delicious apple and yellow peach; one difference was its color was light yellow as opposed to the yellow gold of the ’12; it had amazing balance and sported some serious acidity to suggest this has all the stuffing to go for the long haul; this is a blend of the six Grand Cru villages of the Cote de Blancs, with 6.5 gpl dosage. This superlative bubbly might also suggest that the ’14 Salon is going to be extraordinary.

2008 PIPER-HEIDSIECK CUVEE RARE BRUT CHAMPAGNE- blind; 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir with ~10 grams of dosage; following its light yellow color came aromas of coconut, anise, licorice and almond butter which provided pleasant accents to the mineral laced citrus and stone fruit found on the palate; it is those anise and licorice notes that I have found to be a common thread in most P-H vintage and Rare bottles which made it an easy ID for me once tasted.




Thanks for this. Yes - I decoded the label, but the extra info and the tasting note is what I was after. Thanks very much. I am old enough to remember when 11.5% was normal (or even slightly above average) for a white wine though, not “low alcohol”!

Veuve Fourny and Fils Grands Terroirs:

This is a tangy, toasty wine with subtlety, complexity, elegance, and a modest tariff. It is very terroir driven, and I am pissed this is my only bottle.


Had this (and a couple of really good bottles of junmai daiginjo saké) with an omakase dinner this past Thursday. Very nice.


Vouette and Sorbee Rose (11-18-21 R19)

Obviously a slightly heavier style here but very delicious. Interesting that it’s totally dry and some tannic structure but not feeling acidic at all. Fruit balance. Has just a hint of funk to me, my wife commented that it had a similarity to Lambic which I can see after it was pointed out. Not your straightforward sparkler but very good and interesting.


Just wanted to mention that Last Bubbles has a Champagne J. Lassalle Special Club Brut Premier Cru 2012 for the daily deal.

(no affiliation to the company)

Well I cracked this tonight as a sort of aperitif with some nuts and cheese, and I liked it rather much. It’s unlike anything I’ve tasted before and rather interesting.

Here's my TN
  • NV Charles Dufour Coteaux Champenois Blanc Vin de Comptoir - France, Champagne, Coteaux Champenois (17/09/2023)
    I had no idea what to expect from this. From the label and other sources, it is 60/30/10 PN/C/PB. The base vintage is 2019 plus wines from a perpetual reserve from 2010-2018.

    The bottle has a crown cap, but underneath it there is a cork.

    I opened this from fridge temperature (maybe 7-8 degrees) and allowed it to warm in the glass. The nose is yeasty, fresh and minerally. These follow to the palate which to me is mostly like a flat version of one of my favourite fizzes (Tristan Hyest's Blanc de Blancs Les Terres Argileuses), but somehow crossed with a fino en rama sherry - after some citric fruit it finishes with a rather drying, saline, yeasty crispness.

    This is a rather unique wine in my experience (and I only have one bottle) but for me it's working really well as an aperitif (and needs to be kept reasonably cool).

    At ~US$60 I'm not sure I'll seek out more, but this is certainly an excellent wine to try. (92 points)


You know how to enjoy retirement! Kudos

Had this last Thursday and the quality was quite high, better than the Le Grand Vie and even the 2013 Herione. Had lots of power yet all was in balance. Needs some more time sideways but has very good potential.

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Drinking the Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve right now. My go to house Champagne, always excellent and fantastic QPR.


Extracted from a thread just posted:

1990 DOM PERIGNON- blind; there were very few bubbles and it had a peach, amber gold color; the nose confirmed oxidative notes with butterscotch and caramel accented apricot, mango and yellow peach with an emphasis on the apricot; additionally, on the palate, buttered and honeyed cantaloupe joined in with everything being delivered with a creamy, wondrous mouthfeel; the oxidative notes were not extreme and as such, it was a full bodied, rich, delightful and super pleasing bubbly; I tried to think which champagne would evolve into this state and actually considered DP, but hesitated to share it as my champagne was also DP, albeit way younger and I did not want to plant the seed of mine being a DP; I thought this one was either a 1990, 1995 or 1996, leaning toward the ’96 due to its mild advanced notes.

2012 DOM PERIGNON- served blind to the others; I have just received quite a few bottles of this vintage from purchases made in the last 2 years although I’ve never tasted it; I brought this to not only check in and see where it is, but to share it with others who I figured would enjoy it, albeit in its youthful state; I scraped off the black neck foil to make this more blind and it worked as 2 people guessed to to be 2011 Taittinger Comtes which the 3 of us had shared twice recently; I’m known for opening champagne early on and preferring most in their first 20-25 years as opposed to those bottles aged much longer and once again, I’m loving what this champagne is offering, fully understanding it will be better in 8+ years; following its medium yellow color came serious aromas of lovely spicy lemon oil which continued on to the back end; it had really bright acidity, some richness and a lot of body; the age bias I gave it suggested it needs some time to expand its fruit profile and allow for the Maillard reaction to add in nice toasty brioche notes that are not yet present; I’m thinking I’ll wait 4-5 years before opening another bottle if I can keep my hands off of them.



I have had this twice in the past 2 weeks from 750 and really enjoyed it. So much so that I bought a few cases after drinking the second bottle. It is going to be my house rosé until I run out. They recently released the '12 rosé in magnum, another vintage that I really enjoyed so I picked some of those up too.

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Hi Blake,

The last few times I have had '90, it was bit too mature for me. I think the '12 is really good, maybe just a step behind the '08 before it shut down. I think '11 CdC is going to be guessed a lot in your blind tasting for the foreseeable future :grinning:

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