Which Cali-cab tonight?????

With a big fat prime bone-in ribeye . Have about 3 hrs to decant

03 abreu madrona

04 Schrader Beckstoffer To kalon

04 Kapcsandy State Lane

Having had all three…

I would chose the Kap as the Abreu is nowhere near ready for prime time.

I hate to say it but I have to agree with Bill [wink.gif] The other two are nowhere near ready to drink.

Gee Tanks.

Not sure if the Shandy will hold up to a big steak though… More of a lamb kind of cab IMHO. Not a bad position to be in though with those choices!

was wondering that myself. never had one before so no idea

OOPS, I thought I read Prime Rib, I might go with the Schrader over the Kap.


I’d go with the Schrader.

popped the madrona. dinner ready in about an hour and a half. amazed to see what the release price was. Fortunately it cost me about $165 all in from winebid

Wow, that’s a great price. Post a note if you get a chance. I’m priced out, but still curious about the wine. I’ve only had a couple Kapcsandys, but found them more restrained, complex and understated. Better suited to lighter red meat, or even pasta. A great after dinner sipper too.

Uh oh, someone agreeing with Bill twice on one thread. I’d wait or give it a really long decant. Last glass was of course the best. Had trouble standing up to the steak as there was not much there around 9pm tonight. Needs at least 8 hours or a few more years.

Should have listened to the people saying “Schrader”. neener

With the way the pre-2007 Schraders are drinking, I can’t even think of a time when I wouldn’t go ‘with the Schrader’?

I had the 02 last month and to me is was VERY OAKY. Way too young. I would imagine the 03 would be a similar experience.

I am a big Kap fan and I would have chose that wine, but I think all three truly need a few more years before they should be opened.