Which bdx?

W prime rib at Xmas

95 HB
96 HB
01 HB
01 Margaux


I have lots of other fg but these are the ones under consideration.

95 HB, I think the tannin structure of the 95 would go well with the beef

Based on my recent experience, I’d go with the ‘96 HB, which was drinking surprisingly well earlier this year. I found the ‘95 HB to be a bit more youthful, but that would probably serve the prime rib quite well.

Open the 95 and the 96 and report back

I opened the 96 earlier this year as well; it was good but not sure I would be better served with that over 01.

85 Petrus goes well with rib eye

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My experience with HB is that it has an incredibly long window of fabulous drinking, so although I have had both the '95 and '96 and agree that they are indeed excellent, I suggest the '01 HB will be just about perfect for the rib roast, especially for the entire dinner.

Yeah Micheal. Enough with the table scraps!

Dissenter…2001 Margaux.

Lock 5 WBs in a room and you will get 6 opinions, including at least one that wasn’t an option, but clearly should have been.

Another vote for 1995. Give it a good decant, maybe a couple of hours, as it is still young.

I had the 01 Margaux from DM a few months back and it was a bit closed and awkward. It’s possible a 750 is closer to being ready.