Which Allemand to open?

I’ve been accumulating some Allemand wines following reviews and recommendations here, but haven’t actually tasted one yet. To change that, I wanted to pop a bottle and see if it’s really as good as I hope :slight_smile:

The problem is just that all are relatively young, so I’m not sure which bottle to sacrifice… Which of these vintages is drinking well early?

Reynard: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2015
Chaillot: 2010, 2015

I was thinking about the 2006 or 2008, but any input or advice is welcome!

I’d go for 2006, I think it’s the most open and forward right now.

I’d open the 06 Reynard, and double decant it a couple hours before hand. It’s a great wine…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

agree with other posters 2006 decanted for a couple of hours.

Just had the 2007 Reynard on Wednesday. It was a pretty wine but not the be-all-end-all. If you you open this right now expect a lovely wine to enjoy but it’s no Cornasgasm.

Thanks for all the input, I’ll start with the 2006 :slight_smile:

The 08 is pretty marvelous right now. My favorite n. Rhone of the vintage!

I will second that, and fairly approachable.

I third 2008. The 2006 needs more time to knit itself together if the bottle in June was indicative.

I’m pro 2008 also. It drinks great now. The 2006 is also great but has more future upside IMO. 2007 is the weakest of the bunch. I’m waiting on those just to see if age changes things but I’m doubtful.

Vote for 2008. Lighter vintage, more open than 2006 now. Also less loss of future potential by opening 2008 vs 2006.

  1. Quite open when I last tried it a year ago.

Thanks, quite the reversal, but I appreciate he input! 2008 it is then!

Looking forward to TN.

Opened the 2008 last night for my wife’s birthday. This won’t be cheap…

2008 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Cornas (8/16/2018)
Double decanted for a good hour and brought to a restaurant. Complex nose with red fruit, olives, pepper, and thyme emerging from the glass. A little darker feel on the palate with more blueberry toned flavors, medium-high tannins, and a good amount of acidity. Tannins were pretty strong but not at all intrusive. Lingering finish with maybe a hint of orange peel bitterness. What an awesome wine! My first experience with Allemand. (95 pts.)

Glad you enjoyed it! I drank several of those 08s a few years ago, when it was pretty readily available, and at pretty reasonable pricing because of the “off” vintage. Off my a$$ :wink:

Was curious, so looked up historical Wine Searcher prices on that 2008…

Aug 2013 $88
Aug 2014 $133
Aug 2016 $105
Aug 2017 $182
Aug 2018 $242