Where to Stay/What to Do -- Los Angeles (One more question please!)

We are considering a quick trip to LA over Labor Day weekend. Any recommendations on what are to stay in and what to do that would be teenager/young adult (female) friendly would be appreciated.

So far I’m thinking I want to visit the Getty and perhaps we would Venice Beach or similar walking area.

you should stay in santa monica/mid city area if you plan on doing getty/venice beach.

3rd street promenade is a cool spot, lots of shops/street performers. I’d do this over venice personally.

La Brea Tar Pits is very cool.

It’s near LACMA (however the Getty has a good exhibit on bronzes from antiquity if that interests you).
The Getty, absent a special show, is a great visit, but more for the site - normally I think LACMA is the better museum wrt content.

I also like the Getty Villa a lot in Malibu but I’d be worried about Labor Day weekend traffic to Malibu.

Why? Of all the places you could go, LA? I do everything I can to get in and out of there as quickly as possible :wink:

A teenager though will likely be quite amused by the spectacle that is Venice Beach.

If I remember correctly she’s Chinese. She’d probably prefer the shopping at 3rd street. I know all the chinese girls i knew in HS only wanted to go to 3rd street promenade [snort.gif]

Pier Ave in Manhattan Beach. She’ll love it, as will you.

Thank you for all of your suggestions. We’re trying to get out of Chicago for a brief respite, but unfortunately plans up in the air, pending a work matter. Hopefully we can make a trip and I promise a full report if we make it.

Is it possible to use Uber/Lyft for the entire trip or would that be stupid/prohibitively expensive?

Rental cars are around $50/day (including taxes) and when you factor in the cost of parking and the fact I don’t know the area, maybe it makes sense to just use a car service? And you can now Uber from LAX to DTLA, right?

You can’t Uber yet from LAX, just to LAX.

You can take any or rental car shuttle and Uber from there.

Uber/Lyft is a good idea unless you are going far afield like Monterey Park. Parking costs will be steep.


My sincerest thanks to you for all of your help. It looks like we are headed to NYC (long, boring, awful story) instead of LA over Labor Day weekend. However, we are likely to do an LA trip soon so I will keep your suggestions in mind.

Thanks again,

for future reference, you can easily uberx everywhere. Uberx is dirt cheap in los angeles.

Just saw this thread now, and am selfishly glad you won’t be coming over Labor Day weekend (as I’ll be out of town). Hit me up before you plan to make it out here.

You can swing by the hotel so we can shave together.

Despite how insanely awkward that probably sounds to 99.9% of the folks reading this, Yeah, I’d do that. … should probably be done before pulling corks, though!

Ha! That would be so much fun!

Then you should plan to visit Old Town Shaving. I would meet you there just to watch you nerd out in that shop.

Best shave shop in LA for sure

I’m not sure going to that shop with you and Corey is a good idea for my wallet, Ken! The last thing I need in that store is an enabler on each side of me! :stuck_out_tongue:

But everybody needs all three sizes of MdC, and one each of the Merkur models.