Where to find Darioush ??

New here. Hello all.

Where might one find the Darioush Cabernet, blue label not caravan for a decent price?

Anyone help a newb out?


Franky the face.

Some Costcos carry it…and welcome.

http://www.wine-searcher.com/find/darioush+cabernet/2006" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

If you live on the west coast, you can check with the distributor I used to work for who has a search by zip code for those in their territory. If you are not in their territory, it will come up blank.

Thanks for the help…

where are you located? anywhere near l.a.? i thought i saw some for high $50’s to low $60’s?

Midwest here… thanks though…

I think you can do better for that price.

I cannot believe this stuff is in Costco now.

Seen the '06 Cab and unknown vintage Chard.

Was that on the label? ‘Darioush Chardonnay, unknown vintage’ - that might be a fun tasting note to write!

Haha…I just didn’t look close enough to see the vintage.

What state are you in, Frank? People here might know how to work within the regulations and could ship to you.

We Berserkers are everywhere!

If you follow your nose you run the risk of landing in a wood working shop with your face in a bucket of oak sawdust.



I am in Michigan. Wine deals in this area are cylical but I never seem to be able to find more than a bottle or two of Darioush, or find it for less than $80. I did find a mag of the 2005 Cab last year but that burned a hole in my pocket the very first time I found a nice porterhouse to have with it.

Our Costco carries the following Cali / Napa Cabs: (IIRC)
2005 Faust 34.99
2005 Opus 169.99
2005 Simi Landslide 28.99
2005 Joeseph Phelps 44.99
2004 Silver Oak Alexander 64.99

Plus a host of $23 and down “guest cabs”… [shrug.gif]

It’s the hunt !!!

Admittedly, I have never been a fan of Darioush wines, but I think this wine looks like a much better option both on taste and price (should you ever find the Darioush).

In your trashcan apparently neener