Where to eat in Lima/Cusco

Going in June with my 8 yr old and wife.

Where should we eat. Keep it casual. No tasting menus.

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It’s been some years since I was in Cusco, so no current recommendations on restaurants. Definitely recommend the Cusco cathedral, built on the Inca foundations. Also definitely try alpaca in any form. Cuy is overrated and overly priced. The different ceveche can be revalatory. Drink lots of pisco, real chica if brave. The museum of pisco, more a bar than museum, was fun.

El Mercado (Lima)

How can you not go to Central!

No kids allowed. Also not terribly interested in bringing my 8 yr old to a 3-4 hr tasting menu lol

Casual Cusco dining recs from my son, who is your age:

Chicha - Our favorite. Went back multiple times. Best roast chicken I’ve ever had.

MAP Cafe - Really great. Good for lunch and dinner.

Pachapapa - Sister restaurant to MAP Cafe.

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excellent thanks!!

following this thread, we go in late July!