Where to dine in Paris update

I’ve just booked a long weekend in Paris in early August as a treat to myself. While I go to France often, I haven’t been to Paris in years and am looking for recommendations on where to eat. I’ve searched the board, and read reviews of some familiar names, but thought I’d extend the general question: where is exciting to eat in Paris right now? High end and casual, all cuisines, good wine lists a plus.

Oh, I’m aware some places may be closed in August.

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Our latest trip, we did mostly casual. We enjoyed Spring, Frenchie and Le Dauphin very much

We are also going to be in Paris in late August, but are taking our 2 teenage children. I’d love to have some restaurant recommendations!

I would agree on many of those listed below, and would REALLY REALLY recommend Spring, but call yesterday:


Endorsing Spring here. Terrific.
Also, Le Chateaubriand in the Bastille, and our always a must when in Paris, L’Avant Gout in Place d’italie area.

I had a great lunch at Le Comptoir around St Germain area a few weeks ago

A great restaurant and a great time to go (awful hard to get in at night unless you stay at the hotel)

I’m not sure they take lunch reservations. I lined up around 11:45am. By 12:15pm the place was completely FULL. You know it’s good when… :wink:

put me in the “frustrated/disappointed camp” for Chateaubriand. Some of the stuff was good, approaching great, and a lot of it was kind of disgusting and strange.

l’Ami Jean seems to get better with age. At this point, I’d find it difficult to justify a Paris trip without going there.

l’Astrance and l’Arpege and both unbelievably amazing and the chefs are there – would be fun to do both on the same trip (did it once a few years ago before Astrance received its 3rd star) to see the lineage from Passard to Barbot. As a cook, I think you’d enjoy that. Both have terrific wine lists. As a bonus, neither present the fussy OTT 3-star experience you might expect, though the food is better than most of them. Best of both worlds for me.

Le Comptoir du Ralais is - i’m convinced - the most perfect Bistro in the world. go for a 2 hour lunch outside and watch Paris go by.

Le Baratin

Places to avoid that are often suggested: Paul Bert, Mon Vielle Ami, Allard.

to clarify, the difficult ressies are the nights they do the special menu (i forget which). at lunch and other nights, it’s the same bistro menu and fairly easy to book/wait as the case may be.

l’Avant Comptoir next door is a lot of fun as well. Once you get past 10 people or so, the party spills out onto the sidewalk/street.

Top Picks by Paris By Mouth, http://parisbymouth.com/category/ratings/editors-pick/ including Spring and Frenchie . It also lists Les Papilles which many rate the best bistro in Paris as well as a top wine bar.

btw, I found the website Paris by Mouth, http://parisbymouth.com/ , to be most helpful.

Frenchie proved to be a tough reservation for us. In our last 2 trips, we tried a 1-week and a 3-week advanced calling and couldn’t get a table for the nights that we can make it.

Have read good things about Les Papilles. It will be on our “must do” wine bar next time.

That’s true, I’ve found their website very useful and really like their writing.

Haven’t had anything that resembles disgusting and strange when we were there. t should be noted that the chef is originally Basque and imho successfully infuses quite a bit of his culinary origin into his dishes.

Anybody been to Taillevent lately? Never made it, but I’d love to try it sometime.

Peter, we went last month, an exceptional meal, not innovative but I don’t want that.

Some gems on the list too.

Closed in August though IIRC.

Won’t be back there until fall or winter. Mind mentioning some of the gems?

well, i’ve spent some time in the Basque region and didn’t find much in those dishes. perhaps i caught an off night.

As I noted above, we’ve had very good luck at his second restaurant, Le Dauphin. Not a “disgusting” or “strange” dish in two visits