where to buy a magnum in Burgundy?


I’m attending a wedding in Mailly-la-Ville next weekend and I’m hoping to buy a nice magnum of Burgundy to give as a gift while I’m there. Thinking of heading into Beaune early on the wedding day and hoping to locate something nice to gift them. Any suggestions on where and what?


It has been several years since I stumbled into this shop. It appears to still be there. You could reach out to them ahead of time.



Thank you!

Obviously late, but for others - we were just in Beaune and there are wine shops everywhere. At least a dozen . . . all displayed magnums in their windows and on their shelves. Of course if you’re looking for a particular bottle you might have to look around . . . but you shouldn’t have any problems getting a good selection there.

Alain Hess in Place Carnot (in Beaune) is my favorite. Plus get some cheese while you are there.